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TopomelBox (Donationware)

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This remote desktop connection software allows you to control other PCs, while being able to run conversations and voice or video calls in a dedicated chat

What's new in TopomelBox

Desktop sharing: In the desktop sharing function, we provide two modes of "best performance" and "best quality". In a low-speed network environment, by switching to the "best performance" mode, the smoothness of screen operations can be improved. Audio and video call:

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When certain circumstances dictate that remote processes are required, usually one’s attention turns to either OS default tools, such as the Remote Desktop Manager, or, more established solutions, such as TeamViewer. However, there’s an abundance of apps that address that scope, and TopomelBox is here to provide a rather simplified alternative, which still manages to retain all the essential features that one might require when running remote desktop endeavors, and a bit extra.

Simple options, simple handling, and a handy clipboard assistant, to help you with connectivity aspects

As there are not so many options available in the main interface, users will have no issue setting up the app for the first use. And we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to achieve connectivity instantly. It was that simple.

Having installed the client on both machines, it’s just a matter of exchanging the IDs, IPs, and passwords for connectivity to be attained. Furthermore, the app will allow you to copy the aforementioned, using dedicated buttons, for convenience.

Use the included module, for text, audio, and video chat, send files, and share elements

Besides the remote connectivity feature, which also offers users control modes, for both parties, the application also comes with a dedicated chat module. We think this is ideal, as it enables the participants to keep in touch without having to resort to third-party apps.

By having the chat incorporated into the app, one can easily input text, or perform voice or video calls, even send various media files through, for easy sharing. All that, without having to leave the app in order to rely on other software.

Competent remote desktop-style app, which manages to offer a balanced package that minimizes complexity yet still offers flexibility

This application provides a reliable tool for achieving remote connectivity between different PCs, offering alternative control to the participants, and a competent chat module.

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