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The Impossible Game 2

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Updated on March 11, 2022

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The Impossible Game 2
Android 5.0

The Impossible Game 2 APK is a rare classic hardcore platformer. Have you ever seen a game that is easy to control, but can make an unrelenting thorny challenge when having the terrible speed of the main object + the dense appearance of pitfalls on the road + the unpredictable rhythm of the scenes and soundtrack? If you can’t imagine such a game, try playing The Impossible Game 2 right away!

Introduce about The Impossible Game 2

Platformer game with masocore levels that makes you go up and down endlessly

History of “torture players” from the original to The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2 ranks among the masocore level. This super hard trend has motivated game developers to brainstorm and create difficult games that make players sweat for countless hours. The most typical examples of this super hard game trend are Dark Souls, Ghosts’n Goblins, Ikaruga. And to be added to this list now is a mobile game called The Impossible Game 2.

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Going back in history a bit, the original The Impossible Game was originally available on Xbox Live in 2009 as a picky Indie game. The time it was released was controversial. Many players are driven by its extreme difficulty. It is like you have to take care of every inch to act as accurately as possible but in a very fast-paced background. Almost throughout the game, you have to strain your eyes not to miss a hundredth of a second. That difficulty has challenged many masters so that they constantly spend time practicing it to see how hard they can do.

After that unexpected success, a year later, The Impossible Game is available on mobile and has become one of the click and point games that are too suitable for the smartphone platform and monstrously difficult. After more than a decade, now The Impossible Game is back, also on mobile, with a newer look and many attractive modern mechanics. The Impossible Game 2 is expected to continue its successful tradition, once again challenging players so hard.

The Impossible Game 2 retains what from the original before?

In this part 2, The Impossible Game 2 still retains the basic way of playing: it requires Accuracy, agility, and extreme intelligence in the player. Even the simple pixel graphic style of the original version is preserved.

In the past, the game required “hacking and slashing” in favor of Mechanics, Physics, and Control reflexes of the hands, which made it difficult for a generation of mobile game players decades ago.

The Impossible Game 2 APK download 1440x810

The setting is also unchanged from the first The Impossible Game. The player controls a square block that is always in motion. You have to calculate the time to jump the block while avoiding traps on the road, avoiding thorny obstacles, and taking advantage of the terrain such as stepping on the top of safe objects to jump higher and merge with other blocks for a longer body.

What’s new in The Impossible Game 2?

The Impossible Game 2 now has a multiplayer mode in the form of a battle royale race with up to 60 people online. The new multiplayer mode with a race of over 60 players from across multiple platforms will immerse you in an endless race. This game mode both challenges your concentration, quick reflexes, and tests your patience.

A series of new gameplay mechanics that are crazier and make players more panicked have been added by the developer. Specifically, jets, portals, and guns… The game is inherently high-paced, stressful, and now promises to be much more nerve-wracking than before.

The Impossible Game 2 for Android 1440x810

But you can rest assured. It’s not because of the difficulty that The Impossible Game 2 becomes absurd. 20 levels in the game are designed in order from slightly difficult, to difficult and very difficult. It gives you time to warm up your limbs, get used to the controls before being stunned by the context of pitfalls spread on the road.

In addition, The Impossible Game 2 adds a special mode called “Rest of the Game” where you can share difficulty levels while playing online to show off your skill.

Download The Impossible Game 2 APK for Android

The Impossible Game 2 is a mobile game you must play if you feel you are resilient enough in the game world and don’t mind torturing yourself. Win 20 levels of this masocore platformer game, and you won’t be afraid of any platformer games anymore. 

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