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Teen Titans GO Figure!

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Updated on October 2, 2022

Following the success of Teens Titans in 2016, this year Cartoon Network and Grumpyface continue to release the sequel of this game called Teen Titans GO Figure! MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Instant games attract the attention of many players around the world. With Teen Titans fans, Teen Titans GO Figure! is really a game you can not miss.

About Teen Titans GO Figure!

My childhood is sticking with the Cartoon Network channel. I still remember that Cartoon Network showed DC, X-Men, or Marvel superhero cartoons, and now channels aimed at simpler, more fun cartoons for children. Among the films I watched, I was impressed by Teen Titans, an animated film about the superhero team of DC Universe. Despite being a small part of DC, the film is increasingly attracting a large number of lovers, especially children, because of the humorous content, close to the everyday lives of girls, boys have the special ability. They have repeatedly fought to protect the city and the others from the bad guys. Do you like or like characters like Robin or Kid Flash?


Teen Titans GO Figure apk

Basically, if you want to engage in a battle, you need to have a collection of heroes or villains in the game through the card shop system. Like the main content of the animated movie, the player’s task is to control the three members of the free-moving Teen Titans in the city, to find those who have bad plots to fight and to stop them. After defeating them, you will receive some money and gems. Coins are also scattered throughout the map, so you should collect all of them to upgrade the characters you have. Of course, the number of coins that the game requires is huge, so players need to play hard or participate in big battles.

Teen Titans GO Figure gameplay

The characters in Teen Titans GO Figure! automatically fight so players don’t need to do a lot of manipulation, you just select the skill or move back and forth between the three characters. Each character has different strengths and certain stats, so your character selection will affect quite a lot in each battle. With just a few touches on the screen, you will be traveling through many of DC’s famous cities such as Metropolis or Gotham, to fight and defend justice for the people of the city. One thing you should know is that the tofu blocks on the screen help the heroes gain more strength in a short amount of time.

90+ characters of DC Universe

Teen Titans GO Figure characters

Besides the familiar characters in the Teen Titans series such as Robin, Aqualad, Cyborg, Beast Boy,… Teen Titans GO Figure! also features other DC Universe characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Flash and more than 90 other characters. If you are a DC fan, this game is really a big party for you. Use the heroes you have to confront the famous villains and earn lots of rewards for the game. With each character, the game changes the story and the dialogue that matches the character, so it also changes your experience to make the gameplay more interesting.

Impressive graphics

Teen Titans GO Figure graphics

Because Teen Titans GO Figure! is a game for all ages, especially kids, the graphics of the game are bright, fun and colorful. If in the original cartoon version, Robin has suits with two colors green and black, but in the game that is pink. Moreover, the game also allows you to customize the costumes for the characters, do you want Batman to wear a pink suit? It’s will be fun. However, the game still leads the players on the main storyline, keeping most of the content of the cartoon and comic versions.

MOD APK version of Teen Titans GO Figure!

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Teen Titans GO Figure! MOD APK for Android

Overall, Teen Titans GO Figure! is a great game for everyone, especially superhero fans. If you don’t know the characters in the game, you still feel fun by the humor that the game brings. Currently, the game costs $ 3.99 for both Android and iOS operating system.

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