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TeamCity 2021.2 Build 99542 (Freemium)

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Powerful continuous integration and build server that allows you to run multiple builds and tests or perform pre-tested commits with ease

TeamCity is a comprehensive and pre-integrated solution especially intended for Java, .NET and C++ developers and engineers who need to enjoy faster builds configuration maintenance, monitor the state of their servers and get full process control on their projects.

Thanks to its intuitive features, you are able to run parallel builds simultaneously, optimize the code integration cycle, make use of automated server-side inspections and run automated tests before committing any changes.

Once the service is started, a new tab in your default browser will open. From here, you can modify the login information, the user groups and the notification rules according to your whims. The Projects section, available in the main toolbar allows you to start running builds and create new projects. More options such as ‘Builds Schedule’, ‘Shared Resources’, ‘Meta-Runners’ and ‘VCS Roots’ will become available after you specify the name of the project.

Since it displays all your work in a tree-based hierarchy, you can easily group and organize multiple projects under one parent project and configure parameters, settings and user roles. What’s more, the application notifies you about failed tests and displays all the necessary information about each encountered error. On this manner, you can easily identify redundant or useless VCS roots and critical errors that affect your work.

In case you want to create a new VCS root, you need to choose one of the predefined types such as ‘Mercurial’, ‘StarTeam’, ‘Team Foundation Server’ or ‘Visual SourceSafe’, to name a few. After that, options like VCS root ID, branch specification, HG command path and checking interval will become available.

By accessing the Administration section you are able to monitor the entire disk usage, manage all of the available groups and existing users, edit the HTTP authentication modules and preview usage statistics.

To wrap it up, TeamCity proves to be an intuitive development solution that helps you to expand your server capabilities and build Xcode 3 and Xcode 4 projects, create and publish packages to a NuGet feed and run automated tests on the server effortlessly.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONProfessional Server License: Unlimited users Unlimited build time 100 build configurations 3 build agents included All features of TeamCity Enterprise Free forever, even for commercial use Enterprise Server License: Unlimited users Unlimited build time Unlimited build configurations Priority support SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSOpenJDK and Oracle Java 8 - 11 Tomcat 7 web application server Servlet (2.4+) container, JSP 2.0+ container based on Apache Jasper Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+ Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

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