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Taskwarrior 2.6.1 (MIT License)

11 months ago 21

Maintain an organized agenda with this command-line based application that allows you to prioritize your tasks and manage them according to your preferences

What's new in Taskwarrior 2.6.1:

Fish autocompletion fails when completing tag removal Old-style context definition should only be interpreted as read Tags and dependencies appear as orphaned UDAs. Waiting report lists deleted and/or completed tasks.

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Maintaining a daily agenda or task list doesn’t have to be a difficult task and maybe some could prefer to achieve that from the interface of a CMD console. Taskwarrior was developed in order to provide users with a “ToDoList” manager that could be accessed from a simple command line editor.

Taskwarrior features a scalable environment that was made in to fit users’ most demanding requirements for their workflow and it will allow them to perform numerous tasks. They will be able to capture tasks, display a listing of the things that need to be performed or selectively remove items from such listings.

Experienced users who can handle more advanced command line handling can also leverage its capabilities in order to turn into a more complex organizer. This way, it will allow them to maintain an organized workflow, task list and agenda.

The application will offer DOM access and a Hook script API, coupled with a Vit, curses-based user interface. By using designated commands, such as “add”, “list” or “done”, people can easily add their preferred task entries, display them accordingly or complete the editing session.

When dwelling into its deeper, more advanced capabilities, one will be able to use Taskwarrior in order to assign due dates for tasks, mark them with custom statuses (if applicable), add special tags or even create dependencies.

Prioritization of tasks is also possible and the utility provides the means to use commands such as “+problem” in order to indicate which tasks are of utmost importance. These tasks will then be identified according to their urgency coefficient and will be boosted accordingly.

System requirements

CMake A C++ compiler that supports full C++11. "libuuid" and "gnutls" libraries.

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