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Tasks 2.1.0 (Apache License 2.0)

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Clean up temporary data, remove junk and access an advanced Task Manager that provides more details about your running processes via this tool

What's new in Tasks 2.1.0:

Additions: We have updated our logo! "Create Process" button in Task Manager. Added Microsoft Edge Extension Deleting / Viewing

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Tasks is a simple and straightforward tool designed to help you clean and optimize your Windows computer. It is important to note that the app is still in the development phase and hence, some features may not work properly or at all.

Can clean Windows and Chrome temporary and other junk

The program is portable, so you can simply download and decompress the archive in the desired location on your PC. The interface comes with a dark and light theme and consists of a single window with four main functions, namely Cleanup, Remove Bloat, Startup Programs and Task Manager.

As the name suggests, the Cleanup can help remove obsolete data from Temporary folders, Recycle Bin and the Downloads Directory. At the moment, the app solely detects Chrome and enables you to clean the cache, sessions, cookies and search history. We are unsure if the app can detect other browsers than Chrome, as the testing PC used includes more browsers.

Includes an advanced Task Manager with detailed information

Another function of the program is the Task Manager that has the role of providing a faster and more efficient alternative to the one embedded with Windows. Similar to the default Task Manager, the function displays the list of processes currently active on the system.

The difference however is that it includes more details, such as PID, Status, User Running, Memory and Process Description, which can save you some time with identifying processes opened by different apps installed.

During our tests the Startup Programs and Remove Bloat did not work, which is a bit disappointing as they can make the program above average. On the other hand, the developer plans to make Startup Programs work in the future and hopefully, take care of the bloatware function soon. Therefore, if you need something to help you clean up the junk or access the Task Manager faster, you can consider giving the app a try.

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