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November 24, 2021 (5 mins ago)
Tantan Hong Kong Limited
Android 5.0

Tantan APK can be considered as the pioneering dating app in the application of artificial intelligence in China. Dating now is modern and magical, not as simple as it was then, guys.

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Introduce about Tantan

The most modern AI-integrated dating app: virtual dating is now just like the real thing!

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding AI and countless worries from scientists about the side effects it brings as well as how it will cause a crisis if it falls into the hands of the bad guy. But no one can deny AI’s ability to change the world and the future of humanity. Artificial intelligence has been applied in many fields, from entertainment, life, technology, electronics, health care, to education… Prominent among them are entertainment applications like mobile apps.

I’m talking about a dating app from China, which is very popular today and always has a lot of positive feedback from the user community, Tantan.

What is Tantan?

Tantan is a mobile dating application, originating from a Chinese developer and is also the most popular dating application in this country. It can be said that Tantan is quite similar to Tinder in terms of features and how it works. Especially in the feature ‘Check the honesty of avatars on dating apps’ based on AI. The difference of Tantan is the level of investment for this intelligent face recognition feature. As stated by Tantan’s representative from the early days of its launch, Tantan is not only a bridge for people who are looking for companions, friends to share, but also a place where everything really connects, real dating can happen with greater reliability and accuracy than you’ve ever known.

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This accuracy and reliability are also the leverage that helps Tantan attract more and more users. The profit also increases, from which the community grows even stronger. Integrating AI in Tantan also helps this application always update new interfaces thanks to its high customization capabilities and flexible improvement opportunities for the developer. On the user side, Tantan’s constant innovation (while still respecting the accuracy and privacy of information) has made them trust this virtual dating application more and more.

There’s one big difference between Tantan and Tinder: Tanta will ask you to use your real phone number to sign up. As for Tinder, users need to log in through their Facebook account. This approach is also part of the principle for Tantan to really capture the Chinese market and, from there, spread to other regions of the world and not depend on Facebook or any other social network. In other words, wherever there is a smartphone, there can be Tantan.

Now, let’s focus on Tantan’s features.

Dating, chatting, making friends from all over the world on mobile

Tantan will help you connect with people around, find people with similar interests to establish a relationship. It is very useful, especially for those seriously looking for their soulmate, or even the one.

Online dating sounds unrealistic, right? Many friends I know, even though they are busy and have no time to meet anyone outside of work, are still very shy when it comes to any virtual dating application. The main reason is that they are afraid of being deceived. Of course, as it is virtual, real people can be different from them online. Most are afraid to repeat the process of finding, approaching, chatting, getting to know, being disappointed, and having to start all over again. Not to mention the potential risks that you have also seen a lot from movies and newspapers.

But with Tantan, maybe you will think a little differently.

Advantages of Tantan

First, Tantan respects the individual preferences of its users. For each profile nominated by the application itself, you can click continue or skip easily without any problems. In profile scans later, these omitted profiles may still show up, but with lower priority than new profiles that match your preferences and requirements.

Once you have selected a profile, you can immediately connect and start chatting with that person. There will be no spam like on other apps. People who have been blocked will never appear in your virtual life on Tantan. In general, the ability to zone relationships and protect users’ preferences and privacy in Tantan is highly appreciated compared to other virtual dating applications.

The ability to recognize faces through AI integration on Tantan is also very good. It works by comparing the user’s avatar image with the authenticated photo on the mobile subscription. So, you can rest assured that the profile’s image is real or not.

This dating app can run smoothly on multiple platforms at the same time: mobile or tablet, as long as you register your Tantan account. You can open multiple profiles at the same time, and comfortably chat with many people at the same time without any delay or mess.

Tinder is the best dating app right now.

Download Tantan APK and find your partner now!

Tantan smart dating app with many built-in AI features can be a good choice on your priority list. Online dating isn’t too bad now. Who knows, fate will let you find your The-One?

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