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Talking Ben the Dog

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Updated on March 11, 2022

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Talking Ben the Dog
Outfit7 Limited
Android 5.0

Talking Ben the Dog MOD APK can be seen as the “dog” version of the famous Talking Tom pet simulation game on mobile. If you are a dog lover and want to do all sorts of pranks with a cute dog named Ben, then Talking Ben the Dog is here for you.

Introduce about Talking Ben the Dog

Interactive simulation game of raising cute dogs on mobile!

Pet game for free time, why not?

What do you play games for? Because of the feeling of being a boss, because of being able to compete with other gamers in the world, because of the deep plot, or because of the deep complex gameplay? I simply play games for fun.

The fun here means nothing heavy in the mind, no tasks, no struggles, no pressure. You can play whenever you want without the need to prepare mentally. So, in addition to the idle simulation games, there is always a “long-term” game on my phone: a game for raising pets. I like dogs, so of course the pet I choose to adopt will be a cute, mischievous puppy, in Talking Ben the Dog.

Three interesting points

Talking Ben the Dog is a pet game with the main character being a mischievous dog named Ben. For those who have the same gaming hobby as me, the first thing that makes you happy and smiling will be “nothing in the game pressures me”.

Because the game focuses on the feeling of comfort and lightness of the player when accompanying the daily activities with the dog Ben, it does not set any main side quests. The important thing is to enjoy and have fun, that’s all. This criterion is very true to our gaming principle (Play For Fun), do you guys have the same taste?

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The second point I like about Talking Ben the Dog is that the Ben dog can imitate voices. For example, when you call Ben or say a few sentences, then Ben will repeat, of course with a very funny voice. Do you know the feeling of happiness when rushing home right after work just to say a few words to the little dog in the game and then hear it repeat its cute voice? That small fun can make you forget a lot of stress.

The third point that I think everyone will be attracted to Talking Ben the Dog is that the dog Ben looks like a real dog and all activities are exactly about raising a real dog in real life:

  • If you want to raise Ben, you must feed him and give him drink enough water on time
  • Playing with Ben, anything can be turned into a funny thing. Like when tickling Ben’s body, Ben will shrink shyly, lie down on the bed, roll his four legs back and forth very funny.
  • If you want to take good care of Ben, in addition to feeding, you also need to caress and love him. Every time you do this move, Ben will nod his head, rub his head in your hand and face a happy expression.
  • You can customize Ben’s clothes according to the event
  • You can watch Ben grow up day by day and see him having too cute actions: farting, running around on the field, twirling his tail every time he sees you… You will feel your heart flutter because of these actions. It’s very soft so it looks real and natural.

In particular, Ben was born a dog-loving scientist. You will have a fun Lab in your house where you can put Ben there, select the solutions and let Ben mix them. Watch the hilarious scientific chemical reactions unfold: a small fire that burns your hair, a spark in a lab, or just a color you’ve never seen before. Every time a chemical reaction takes place, Ben will react with a surprise (small or extreme) depending on the magnitude of the reaction. Watching Ben in these segments, you will realize many more interesting aspects of the smart dog you are raising.

Graphics and sound

The whole world, scenes, objects, especially the dog character Ben in Talking Ben the Dog are shown on high-end 3D graphics. They are natural, lively, and fluidly moving. This real simulation makes a strong impression on every player right from the first time seeing the game trailer. In addition, the whole palette of sweet, fresh and full of life colors that the developer has worked so hard to build will surely surprise you.

During the game, if you want, you can record a video and share it with friends on social networks. These lovely images will be part of an unforgettable memory between you and Ben.

The music details and sound effects in Talking Ben the Dog are quite rare. Most of the focus is on Ben’s ability to talk. You should wear headphones to fully feel the cuteness of Ben every time it emits a voice.

MOD APK version of Talking Ben the Dog

MOD feature


Download Talking Ben the Dog APK & MOD for Android

The game is good and simple with vivid images, and there are many things to do with naughty Ben. Just looking at its adorable expressions is enough to melt your heart. If you like pet games, remember to download Talking Ben the Dog right away via the links below.

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