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Tales of Luminaria

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November 18, 2021 (13 mins ago)
Tales of Luminaria
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Android 8.0

Tales of Luminaria APK is a mobile MMORPG of the famous publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. If you are a fan of anime, you must play this unique game right away.

Table of contents
  1. Giới thiệu Tales of Luminaria
    1. Background
    2. The characters are as crowded as in the festival
    3. Collect equipment and upgrade characters
    4. Graphics and sound
    5. The characters are beautiful, and the scenery is epic, but what about the actions and skills?
  2. Download Tales of Luminaria APK for Android

Giới thiệu Tales of Luminaria

Each life is a heroic story in the ancient mystical world!


Tales of Luminaria is an eventful series of stories set in the fantasy world of Luminaria. In the mystical world you live in, the prosperity of all races is created by the Mana(s), which are born from a mysterious giant life form called Primordial Beasts. It’s not something that humans can understand. And to preserve the purity and prosperity of Mana, the Federation of Primordial Beasts was created to protect this sacredness. The supreme ideal of the Federation is to respect nature and always worship the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Tales of Luminaria APK download

On the other hand, the Empire faction was home to dark-minded members. They just want to exploit Primordial Beasts and consider it as a source of energy. They always want to possess it completely to develop their own technology and civilization.

When the ideals, goals, and methods are different between factions, of course, the world is always a war of casualties between the Federation and the Empire.

And you are part of this constant war.

The characters are as crowded as in the festival

The main idea of ​​the big story in Tales of Luminaria is “Encounters change the world”. So, the entire development of the game revolves around adventure, meeting, making friends, making enemies, growing up, and the relationship between the characters.

Tales of Luminaria has up to 21 main characters (?!). Each character has a different story, life purpose, and fighting style. They have their own beliefs, reason, and determination. Although they are completely different, they all have one thing in common: once they have an idea in mind, they will live and fight hard for that noble belief.

Tales of Luminaria will let you see 21 powerful characters meeting each other. They can be like-minded or in conflict, straining to together build or destroy justice. Through the role-playing of each person, you will slowly discover their life, origin, emotion, and choose the path to the future according to your true self.

Tales of Luminaria for Android

For example, Celia is an archer capable of accurately targeting enemies from a distance. Edouard is a mercenary who is good at attacking with high damage, high flexibility. And the others are Lydie Delacroix, Lisette, Lucien Dufaure, Vanessa Morax, Yels, Maxime Hasselmans, Michelle, Leo Fourcade…

Importantly, by choosing one of them, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the story in that person’s way. Which means it’s completely different if you choose a different character. All in all, you will want to play it again and again. Although in the same big main plot, the 21 main characters have 21 different perspectives and approaches.

Collect equipment and upgrade characters

Because it revolves around the theme of war between two forces that never submit to each other but are forced to exist in the same world, the game is exactly a series of endless battles. The battles and events always take place seamlessly in the game, both in time and space. The game tempo is quite fast if you are a newbie to this genre. Not to mention the character line is so amazing. So first, I think you guys should take a moment to read through each member’s bio so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Each character is equipped with a Basic Attack set, a Skill set, and Secrets. Touching and swiping, you will help your character to defend or attack. Each action has its own characteristics, expressing the personality and strengths of the selected character.

Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound are certainly the shimmering beauty of this quality MMORPG. The anime style appears from the first vivid images. There are quite many characters, from the male lead, the female lead to the supporting man, the supporting woman, the boss-level evil faction. But Tales of Luminaria has been very successful in portraying each character in detail. From appearance, personality, skills, weapons to the story of each person, they are all different. When participating in the game, you are on an adventure to 21 different stories depending on the initial character selection. With such a cumbersome task, Tales of Luminaria still solves it neatly, not letting any character be left behind. That can be called a great success.

Tales of Luminaria on APKMODY

To be honest, the story part in Tales of Luminaria does a very, very good job. Winged by sobbing anime graphics, it is even much better.

The characters are beautiful, and the scenery is epic, but what about the actions and skills?

The explosive, light effects are not much inferior to the PC version. The proof is that the character movement is very good, going back and forth, kicking, and flying very smoothly. Before playing, I thought the shortened version on mobile would be sketchy, but when I played it, I understood why it was downloaded by so many people.

Coupled with the charming anime design style, the background music and noises occurring in the game are equally captivating. Those are the soft, low-pitched background music, fast and slow depending on the progress of the story. Those are the sound effects when the weapons hit each other, and the sound that tears the air when there is a strong move. This combo is too good, isn’t it?

Download Tales of Luminaria APK for Android

In short, if you want to play MMORPG, you must try Tales of Luminaria. If you haven’t played it yet, try it once because, in my opinion, it is truly one of the most unique multiplayer mobile games today. 

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