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Tableau Server 2021.3.3 (Trial)

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Online platform that creates a server for Tableau clients, enabling them to access statistics and analytical reports in a web dashboard

What's new in Tableau Server 2021.3.3:

Resolved Issues: After publishing a viz, the date on the axis would change and become incorrect. In Tableau Server, clicking a button on a dashboard might result in an error "Failed to execute 'arc' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2d'".

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Designed for business environment, Tableau Server is a comprehensive software tool that facilitates a interaction platform between a server and Tableau clients.

Server component for Tableau clients

It enables clients to access an online workspace to view statistics and analytical reports, putting an approachable set of options at their disposal.

The app is compatible with any workbook created by Tableau and it can connect to Tableau-supported data sources, such as relational and multi-dimensional databases, along with desktop files.

After downloading the lengthy setup pack and going through the installation, Tableau Server gets integrated into the system tray to provide quick access to its configuration settings.

Create Tableau servers and configure options

New Tableau servers can be created by specifying the IP address, together with the total VizQL and application server processes. The storage can be extracted to the current host machine.

The server can be started, stopped and restarted with one click from the tray icon's right-click menu. When it comes to customization preferences, you can set the account username and password, use Active Directory or local authentication, as well as indicate the port number to connect to, in order to provide server access to the Tableau clients. This port can be allowed by the Windows Firewall.

Furthermore, you can cache and reuse data for as long as possible, opt for balanced cache or refresh it on each page reload when querying the database, as well as put together and manage a list with servers and processes. Plus, you can use SSL for server communication and set certificate, certificate key and certificate chain files.


To sum it up, Tableau Server comes bundled with advanced and intuitive options for creating servers that Tableau clients can seamlessly connect to. It used a decent amount of system resources in our tests.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION14-day trial SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSBrowsers: Chrome Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer 11 Mozilla Firefox & Firefox ESR Proof of Concept Requirements: 4 cores / 8v-CPU (ex.AWS) 16 GB system memory 15 GB minimum free disk space Minimum Production Requirements: 8 physical cores, 16V-CPU (ex.AWS) 32 GB system memory 50 GB minimum free disk space

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