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SyncBackPro / Beta / / Beta (Trial)

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Clear-cut and modern-looking application which enables you to easily backup, synchronize and create mirrors for files and directories

Creating regular backups of your files and folders is one of the safest ways to ensure your data does not get lost by accident, a malware infection or a hardware crash.

SyncBackPro is one of the apps that can help you not only make backups, but also sync folders or mirror them.

Neatly organized GUI

The main window of the utility displays numerous details about the tasks you have previously created, such as profile name, type,  date when it was last run, left and right folders.

When you create a new task, you need to specify the action you are interested in: backup, synchronization or mirroring, depending on your necessities.

Supports numerous locations

When using SyncBackPro, you can backup or sync folders that are not necessarily located on your local hard drive. For example, you can synchronize directories stored on an external drive, network path, FTP server or even email messages.

You can also backup files stored in various online accounts, such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Backblaze, Box, Google Drive, Google Photos, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, SugarSync, and WebDav.

Customize the backup tasks

SyncBackPro offers you the possibility to personalize a flurry of settings related to the backup, sync or mirroring processes, to ensure the suit your needs. You can set up a schedule, so the operation starts daily, weekly, monthly, or according to a custom timetable.

Moreover, you can assign a hotkey that helps you quickly run a profile, regardless of the other program you might probably be running.


All in all, SyncBackPro packs a wide range of parameters you can personalize just as you like. You can enable encryption, versioning, notifications or integrity checks to ensure the data you need is always saved and kept safe. Similarly, the destination folder can also be located in any of these locations.

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