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SWI-Prolog 8.4.0-1 / 8.5.1-1 Development (BSD License)

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A comprehensive Prolog environment that comes with advanced debugging features, code tracing and a set of specialized instructions that you can use

What's new in SWI-Prolog 8.4.0:

[Sep 30 2021] FIXED: possible failure to propagate changes in lazy monotonic tabling. This happens because answers added during lazy reevaluation are propagated eagerly, but '$idg_mono_affects_eager'/3 didn't find dependencies to non-lazy tables.

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SWI-Prolog provides you with a comprehensive and robust development environment for the Prolog logic programming language, which is intended for computational linguistics and artificial intelligence applications.

Relying on a Prolog virtual machine to define instructions, SWI-Prolog features a faster compiler and the debugging mode only reduces the system speed by a bit.

The application comes with a flexible and intuitive interface that enables you to work with C / C++ code, providing support for large applications and unlimited integer values without lowering performance.

Both static and dynamic code can be easily indexed on any argument, while the source-level debugger supports graphics through XPCE.

SWI-Prolog bundles a Prolog cross-referencer, an execution profiler to output instruction statistics, as well as an error checking tool. The package also includes a collection of libraries that programmers can find useful, namely components for constraint handling rules, interface libraries, HTML, RDF and XML parsers, a web server library for session management, HTML and HTTP authorization endeavors and so on.

The advanced debugging feature set comprises a spy point editor, an exception debugger, a thread monitor and a dependency management tool.

The program provides support for unicode character sets, which makes it suitable for creating web-based and multilingual applications.

Multi-threading support (run multiple prolog engines on the same database), compiled code tracing, a set of specialized instructions and built-in predicates, attributed and global variables, unit testing using PiDoc, support for creating LaTeX documentation are other advantages that this application brings you.

Featuring high compilation speed, SWI-Prolog can be of great use for Prolog programmers. Its array of features are enough to please the experienced users, since advanced programming knowledge is required in order to use it.

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