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Sweet Dance Mod APK 17.0 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Ebony Lowe - 06/03/2022

Download Sweet Dance Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to play a visually and musically stunning game filled with dance, music and romance!

If you were around during the 80s and the 90s, you’d know that the dance arcades were the rave back then. Although they are still around today, they’ve mostly been adapted to mobile games. Now, you can dance without even physically dancing! How?


Meet Sweet Dance, a rhythm dance music game that was created by developer AU Dance Studio. This awesome game has garnered half a million downloads now. In this game, you can dance by tapping the buttons perfectly in tune to the music. Show off your best moves in this epic game with plenty of music and things to do! You can also customize your characters and change their outfits! Show off your personality and dance skills in this crazy game.

What is Sweet Dance?

Dance arcade games have been around for decades now. They started in arcades where people would just have a dance off against friends and loved ones. But thanks to technology, we can now dance using our mobile phones! Now, we can relive the stunning moments of dancing that we love.


If you’ve never heard of Sweet Dance, then this is a lucky day for you! This is a rhythm dance music game that allows you to show off your dance skills! In here, you can have some sweet and incredible romance stories through dance. There are various ways to deepen your connection with your couple every day. There are tons of songs, music genres and dance move you can do! You can also form the ultimate dance group where you can practice together, get jobs and participate in contests!

Fun Features of Sweet Dance

There are plenty of dance games out there right now. But the classic ones are always the best ones to play. One of the classic games that have modern twists in

Plenty of songs to dance in – The most important element aside from dancing is of course the songs! Without them, dancing would feel awkward and incomplete. That’s why there are plenty of songs to dance in Sweet Dance. There are different genres such as dance, pop, rock, jazz and more. Enjoy a variety of songs in different levels to satisfy your dance cravings. You can choose the difficulties of the songs and you can also choose the songs you’ll dance in! But in here, you need to hit the buttons as they appear to dance perfectly. The more perfect you hit the notes, the higher your scores are! 


Customize your player – In Sweet Dance, you can create your own player and choose the gender as well. Aside from that, you can customize it further by changing its outfit from the vast collection of shirts! If you’re a dance lover, you’d know that the outfits contribute to the overall charm of dancing. Show off your unique personality among your friends and rivals through your outfits!

Friends system – In this game, you can also add your real-life friends in the game. Or you can just add random friends you click with! Aside from that, you can dance with them in plenty of matches! Perform insane combos together and create a show worthy of rewards. There are so much things to do with your friends and loved ones in here.

Create your own crew – You can also join crews or create one if you’d like! Aim for the top together as you practice and participate in plenty of dance contests around. You can even apply to jobs together as a group. How crazy is that?


Plenty of dance moves – There are so many varieties of dance moves you can see and do in Sweet Dance! But of course, you can only do them once you perfectly hit the notes!

Download Sweet Dance Mod APK – Unlimited Diamonds

Time flies when you’re enjoying your dance! Download the latest version of Sweet Dance now!

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