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SuperSlicer / Pre-release (AGPL)

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Generate the correct g-code for your 3D printing project and manage all aspects related to the printer and printing process via this tool

What's new in SuperSlicer Pre-release:

bugfixes: Fix for fan speed-up time, should now work correctly Fix for fan kickstart, should now work Fix for auto dense infill:

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3D printing is certainly an exciting technology that was quickly embraced by people worldwide. Then again, without the right tools for the job, your exciting project can soon turn out to be an expensive failure. SuperSlicer is an open-source tool that enables you to generate the correct g-code for your 3D printer without too much hassle.

Enables you to enhance your projects in real-time

Although not truly portable, the app can be used as soon as you download and decompress the archive in the desired location. The app comes with a clean and user-friendly interface suitable even for users who did not work with g-code generators before.

You can get started by loading your current project or creating one from scratch. Regardless of the type of project you are working with, you have the possibility to view, stretch, elongate, add, remove, move and basically edit all objects included directly from the work space. You can easily check out whether the objects meet your requirements from the preview window.

Packs numerous print, printer and filament settings

The highlight of the tool stems from the dozens of settings that create the code that your 3D printer uses to create your object. To put it simply, you can enhance and correct anything from infill, perimeter, shell, skirt, brim, support material, standby temperature and even the cooling logic controlling fan speed and dynamic print speed.

According to the developer, the app supports multiple types of g-code, including here Makerbot, Mach3, RepRap or Machinekit. Lastly, you will be happy to learn that the tool can correct broken STL files via the STL auto-repair function and enables you to generate macros that you can use with other projects.

A simple and straightforward g-code generator

All in all, SuperSlicer is an intuitive tool that enables you to load your projects, tweak, improve and convert them into 3D printing instructions which can be an amazing 3D print.

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