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December 14, 2021 (2 mins ago)
Super String
Android 5.0

Turn-based games are currently flooding the game market. Of course, when something becomes so popular, it has its pros and cons. And today, APKMODY would like to introduce to you a turn-based fighting game with extremely top graphics called Super String APK, developed by FACTORIAL GAMES and YLAB on mobile platforms.

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Introduce about Super String

The plot

The setting is set at a time when the Earth is facing a catastrophe of destruction. However, mankind’s scientific technology has not yet developed to the point where it is possible to travel between planets. Miho Won, CEO of Daehan Corporation has devised a plan to evacuate people to another dimension. Unfortunately, everything that happens is in the plan of an evil force. After stringing the events together, Miho decided to borrow the power of superheroes from another dimension, gathering them into a team called the Super String with the aim of protecting humanity.

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You form 3 teams, each team includes 4 superheroes and fight against the forces of darkness. The gameplay of Super String is turn-based, the order of turn is determined by speed. You can pay attention to the action bar to know the order of attacks of our side and the enemy. When the action bar is ready, you just need to select the skill then choose the target to attack. All members of the side who lose the ability to fight will be considered losers.


Super String owns more than 100 superheroes and monsters, all characters taken from YLAB comics. You can own all the characters and upgrade easily through gacha spinning or shard recruitment. In my opinion, this is a very good game because F2P can still be played without rerolling. But you can also reroll if you want a better start. The characters you should reroll are Sando, Lilia or Munsu. The system will give you an SS tanker for free, so look for a hero that deals great damage or supports to make the perfect team.


For turn-based games, the upgrade system is a must. Regarding the upgrade system, you need to focus on the character’s level, increase it as high as possible. After that, about equipment, you can find them in chests or on quests. There are also many other features to help your character become stronger.

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There are 4 main game modes that are Campaign, Skirmish, RAID and PVP. About the Campaign mode, also known as PVE, ie against the machine, you will build a squad and explore the story. Next is Skirmish, this can be considered as fighting outside the main story, overcoming challenges to rank up and receive more gifts.

RAID is the weekly boss mode and also the hardest challenge you need to conquer, each day can only be joined with a certain number of times but there are up to 9 challenges for each boss. In this mode requires team building skills and in-game tactics to be able to overcome. Finally, PVP mode allows 2 players to fight each other. The team of both sides will be selected according to 4 turns, each turn can choose 1 of 3 characters that the system randomly gives. To ensure fairness, each player owns characters with equal stats. Victory or defeat depends on your own strategy.


Super String is built using Unreal Engine graphics. The character creation is very beautiful, the movement is also very smooth, even though it is just a mobile game. Not to mention the character’s skills are also meticulously polished. However, everything has its two sides, beautiful graphics requires you to have a device with a strong configuration. The recommended configuration from the developer is 3GB RAM (Galaxy S8 or higher). Of course you can also use other phones with similar chips, not necessarily Samsung phones.

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Some things you should know

This game does not have a server and it was released a few months ago, they only added English language to the game. However, do not worry because after experiencing this game, I see that the players before and after are not affected. You can think of the previous players as the upperclassmen in school, they just learned before us but the amount of knowledge it is still the same. And the later player is always the one with the advantage because you can see how the previous players build the squad, knowing which characters to own first. For a turn-based game, it’s pretty great because the distance between pay-players and free-to-play players is not much.

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Overall, Super String is a pretty good game, not only with attractive gameplay but also very beautiful graphics. If you are looking for a turn-based game for the “farmers”, this is a great choice.

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