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Super Mombo Quest

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November 25, 2021 (10 seconds ago)
Super Mombo Quest
Orube Game Studio
Unlimited Money, Premium Actived
Android 4.4

Super Mombo Quest MOD APK is an adventure game from the publisher Orube Game Studio. This retro platform game has a great attraction. Let’s see what it has!

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Introduce about Super Mombo Quest

Are you ready for a new Adventure?


I like “Mambo” very much and have sympathy for it. Any song, movie, or story that has this word is a must-see to me. Can’t say why, just read this word out loud, it sounds very good. And because of misreading “Mombo” as “Mambo”, I accidentally fell into the pit of Super Mombo Quest.

Super Mombo Quest for Android 1440x810

The road to it is a bit messy, right? But the experience it brings to me is super interesting. After playing for a while, I searched it on Google and found that this platform-specific arcade game turned out to be quite popular.

Super Mombo Quest is the amazing adventure of a purple monster with a big, long tongue that can go around and do all sorts of things. The main focus is on the various moves and abilities of this cheerful little monster.


Super Mombo Quest belongs to the Metroidvania genre. In the game, you accompany the fat monster Super Mombo to adventure through a huge world consisting of hundreds of different interesting areas. On the way, the monster must overcome many obstacles of all kinds: the fierce furry enemies, the dangerous boss monsters that level up steadily, the spike traps, the pits in the middle of the road… Your task is to avoid the pitfalls quickly, and use your skillful tongue combo to defeat the monsters.

Despite the classic gameplay, the map system in Super Mombo Quest is quite complicated. The difficulty level is also increasing, making you not rest for a second. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of it and you’re used to controlling the Super Mombo, the game throws you into a different new area with completely changed obstacles and monsters. You will be spinning around. But that’s so much fun.

Super Mombo Quest on APKMODY 1440x810

Now let’s talk about the big-tongue monster. Basically, Super Mombo by itself can master flexible special abilities such as jumping, double jumping, climbing walls, and rushing forward. But that is still not enough to fight against hordes of evil monsters or overcome dangerous obstacles. You will need to continuously help Mombo collect as many different resources as possible in order to upgrade in ability and speed. Therefore, the monster can do other moves such as flying, jumping, bouncing back… Then when meeting other monsters, Super Mombo can choose to capture or destroy them completely thanks to the beneficial Mombo move. All of the above moves earn points. When you score enough points, you can change the skin for Super Mombo, which can unlock new equipment and get more cool gadgets.

It’s not over yet, dear. For each stage, Super Mombo is also transformed. For example, from a purple Mombo with a long tongue to a blue Mombo that can parachute down from above or sometimes turn into a red Mombo with the power of fire and a yellow Mombo that can jump high. So, besides the inherently attractive tasks, such shape and ability of the Super Mombo monster to transform are even more attractive than ten thousand times.

You can see that we can do so many things in this game. Most of the body parts of this big-tongue monster are used for moving and fighting. It does everything, as long as you control it smoothly, logically, and mix the moves well together.

Super Mombo Quest’s excellent body transformations and fascinating upgrades for the long-tongued baby make the game super impressive, whether you’re familiar or new to this classic arcade platform game.

Graphics and sound

You know, not all retro games satisfy players. It’s inherently familiar, so it must be strange, it’s inherently classic, so it must be accompanied by a bit of a crazy element. That is how to be able to attract players. And whoever did that well will attract players to the end. A lovely, cute, and strange shape with interconnected pixel fragments will be even more memorable forever.

Super Mombo Quest APK download 1440x810

The action sequences are shown in a pixel art environment but still bring a fierce impression. Especially when Super Mombo uses moves like using his tongue to lick items or cling to the wall to collect items, or when he is busy doing somersaults in the air while attacking monsters. Besides it, the sound is equally great, creating a scene that is both chaotic, fun, and too dynamic.

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