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Super Diary 3.0.5 (Trial)

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A multi-purpose software application built around a daily diary. providing a document notebook, as well as contact and password managers

It is a well-known fact that writing gives you that sense of control that can ultimately reduce anxiety and temper reactions in potentially stressful situations. This is one of the main reasons why it is advisable you keep a diary and what better tool to help you out with that than one called Super Diary?

A diary and an embedded calendar 

This particular application makes it possible for you to keep a daily journal to log your experiences and feelings. You start by creating a database and protecting it with a password to make sure no one can access your private data.

The main typing area, which occupies most of the main window, embeds a text editor with the basic set of functions. Right alongside it you can find a calendar that allows you to jump to the desired day to read the journal entry. Thanks to the integrated search options and the accessible navigation tools, finding a certain diary text is quite easy.

Additional functions and features 

Despite its name, which is a bit deceiving, this particular application is a multi-purpose tool with various functions, as described below.  The so-called Notebook can create written documents and save them in RTF, text and HTML format. As you can imagine, the editor is minimalistic, providing a rudimentary feature set that can be compared to the Windows’ Notepad, rather than a modern text editor.

Moving on to the integrated password manager, Super Diary can remember your login information for various websites, storing them all in the database you created at the beginning. Therefore, if you plan on using it for remembering passwords as well, it is highly recommended you create a master password.  Next, there is a contacts manager that stores various details and, last but not least, the finance manager, which helps you keep track of your expenses and revenues.

An all-in-one PIM packages 

Super Diary is not just a diary application, but a little bit of all: a password and a contact manager, a document and note creator and a finance manager. While it is handy to have multiple functions in a single package, it would be even better to get enhanced functionality for each, and not just the basic feature set.

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