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Super Charging Pro

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Super Charging Pro
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Android 4.1

Super Charging Pro MOD APK is an app that helps to speed up the charging time of mobile phones and tablets. This app will help you save a lot of time and also keep the battery working more efficiently.

Introduce about Super Charging Pro

Accelerate battery charging for Android mobiles and tablets

Why need to boost battery charging speed?

Mobile devices and tablets used for a long time are always prone to the situation that the battery takes longer to charge, and the battery runs out faster. If at first it only takes you a few dozen minutes to an hour to fully charge the battery from the lowest level, but over time, your phone gets worse and takes a long time to fully charge.

There are many reasons for this. But the most common are the following five reasons:

Charging cable

Mobile devices can be charged via a cable compatible with each model of the device. If you don’t use the original charging cable, but buy cheap floating goods from unknown sources, or used charging cables, they are both unsafe and cannot charge quickly enough.

Not storing the charging cable properly

Bent, twisted, coiled, suspended from the outlet to the heavy equipment below… Sound familiar? Surely everyone has made one of these seemingly-small-but-not-small mistakes. Because these actions will cause the charging cable to degrade quickly. Even if it is a genuine cable, if it is like this, it will quickly break the small cables and small cores inside. You may not be able to see it because there is already a plastic coating on the outside, but the inside is often disintegrated. And when there is a lack of cores and small wires inside, the electricity can no longer transmit as strong and fast as the original, leading to longer and longer charging.

The place to charge the battery is not suitable

Have you noticed that if you use a separate charging cable and charge the battery directly from the mains, the mobile device will be fully charged faster than charging through a PC or laptop via a USB cable? Your computer is having to do a lot of tasks. The fact that it shares some of the power to pass through to mobile phones and tablets affects the total amount of power and also the speed of energy transfer. This leads to longer battery charging.

Use other brand’s charger for your device

Each company has different standards for the current and power parameters for its equipment. So whether it has the same mini-port or anything, it is not a good idea to use one company’s charger for a mobile phone or tablet from another company. Not to mention also makes the battery susceptible to bottle due to inappropriate current and transmission method.

Charge and use the device at the same time

This is the top wrong phone and tablet habit that you need to get rid of right away. It is both dangerous and harms the battery charging process. The phone does not have time to rest and recharge, so it’s understandable to have a long charging time.

Except for the fifth cause, which needs to be removed immediately because it is very dangerous, the remaining causes, if used by force majeure, you can still have a tool to speed up the charging process a little more. It’s a little bit, but it has a significant effect. The app that boosts phone charging is Super Charging Pro.

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What features does Super Charging Pro have?

Super Charging Pro is an app that automatically optimizes the charging of mobile phones and tablets. It helps to charge the battery faster even though you are facing one of the first four reasons mentioned above.

Super Charging Pro can do the battery charging optimization by combining the following series of features:

  1. Reduce screen brightness, reduce power consumption to save battery.
  2. Send notification of battery status to users for timely handling measures. For example, displaying an abnormal short-term increase in power consumption, or showing inconsistent current, weaker than normal.
  3. Super Charging Pro will also help to optimize WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other system settings to reduce mobile phone consumption.
  4. Monitor mobile phone temperature, remind the user to unplug the charger to avoid overheating.
  5. Give accurate predictions of the remaining charging time and notify when the device is fully charged.

All these features you think it’s too detailed, but once the device is having problems with charging time, it turns out that they are essential. Especially if you need to determine exactly what causes slow device battery charging.

MOD APK version of Super Charging Pro

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

Download Super Charging Pro APK & MOD for Android

In short, when you want to increase the charging speed, find out the cause of the ineffective charging before, know if the cable is really good, suitable, or not, you will probably need Super Charging Pro. This app is easy to use and super concise interface certainly won’t take your time. In return, the long-term effect is there.

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