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Subtitle Translator 2.0 (Demo)

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Quickly translate subtitle files from one language to another with the help of this application, provided you own an IBM Cloud account

What's new in Subtitle Translator 2.0:

Supported MKS subtitles Implemented editable rows using right-click “Edit” menu item or double-click Selected rows can be translated using right-click “Translate” menu item Supported drag and drop

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If you enjoy watching movies with the subtitles on, then you probably faced situations when it is impossible to find a matching subtitle file in your own language. One solution to this problem is translating a file you already have. Vovsoft’s Subtitle Translator can help you with that.

Uses IBM Cloud to translate subtitles 

This particular application provides a quick and easy method to translate subtitle files in another language with minimal effort from your part. However, there is a twist. Unlike other applications of its kind, which use either an internal translation engine or one of the popular ones, Subtitle Translator relies on the online translation services provided by IBM Cloud.

The extended support for almost 70 languages and the higher translation accuracy are definitely pluses but keep in mind that a valid IBM account is mandatory.

Enter your credentials and hit the "Translate" button 

One of the advantages of this application is the ease of use and the simplicity of the interface. You might be glad to see that the GUI is minimalistic, comprising two simple drop-down menus to select the input and the output languages, right above the translation preview area.

Subtitle Translator comes with support for some of the most popular file formats, namely SRT and VTT. While the first is the widely used to provide video translations, the latter is the format used by Zoom and YouTube.

Once you load the input file, you will be able to preview the subtitle within the main window, in its original language. Pressing the “Translate” button prompts you to enter the IBM Cloud Language Translator API key.

A subtitle translator for IBM Cloud users 

Subtitle Translator is one of those simple applications that is good to have around. It is easy to use and provides a subtitle translation client for IBM Cloud users. However, not begin able to provide instant translation and requiring an active IBM Cloud account or subscription might be a setback to many.

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