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Store Manager for PrestaShop 3.9.0 Build 2729 (Trial)

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A practical, effective and useful application that helps you to easily manage and organize your PrestaShop store, clients and suppliers

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to manage online PrestaShop e-commerce stores, arrange products by categories, manage suppliers and customers, as well as import or export products and orders.

Using this application you are able to specify, modify or remove PrestaShop categories the way you want, set basic details about each product and track the vendors with ease.

The Store tab enables you to view all the available products and their details such as price, product ID, name, supplier reference, location, width, height, manufacturer and quantity.

Additionally, you can move them to categories that match their purpose, set meta tags and modify the retail price. Such actions can be performed by double-clicking the product you are interested in. However, before modifying any data, you need to specify the correct FTP settings.

In case you want to add or simply edit an existing category, you can access the proper button from the left panel that opens a new window from where you can specify the name, set the category ID and add meta keywords with ease.

The ‘Product Manufacturers’ option, available in the main Store toolbar, enables you to view all the available manufacturers, as well as add new ones.

Since Store Manager for PrestaShop comes with user-friendly wizards that help you to add addresses, customers, groups, e-mail templates, suppliers and products, you can easily concentrate on your basic business tasks and organize your clients in a better way.

The Administration tab enables you to add, view and edit vouchers, carriers, currencies and contacts according to your business needs. What’s more, you can even grant permissions to each user so you can make sure that sensitive data will be accessed only by authorized users.

What’s more, you can generate reports, as well as create personalized ones. However, when you want to create a new report and customize it the way you want, you need to know how to work with SQL scripts since it requires you to create queries in order to gather data from various categories.

Using this application you are able to analyze your sales using multiple reports, add or manage customers, track clients’ orders and provide discounts.

To wrap it up, Store Manager for PrestaShop proves to be a reliable solution that enables you to organize clients, manufacturers and products in order to ease your management activity.

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