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Steam Inventory Helper 1.17.75 (Freeware)

9 months ago 32

Improve your experience with your Steam inventory and the Steam market, thanks to this comprehensive extension that makes it easier to manage and sell items

What's new in Steam Inventory Helper 1.17.75:

Inventory: “Select all” - now always shown Updated price API for market.csgo .com provider

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There are a few things about Steam that Valve needs to improve, and the market and inventory are definitely on the list. Selling and buying stuff on the Steam market can be a real pain, especially when dealing with a large number of items.

Steam Inventory Helper is a Chrome extension designed some of the flaws of the Steam web UI, especially when it comes to buying and selling items. It can also help you find the lowest prices for games, and it can be customized extensively.

Buy and sell items quickly with no confirmations

If you have a loaded inventory and want to make some money off of it, the mere thought of having to type the price of each item when selling it can deter you. With this extension, however, you will be able to sell any item at the lowest market price with a single click.

You can also manage trade offers directly from your browser, and you will receive desktop notifications when you get new offers. What’s more, the extension lets you calculate values right in the trade offer window.

View regional prices and the lowest prices in all stores

As you probably know, Steam sells games for higher or lower prices in different regions, but you normally have to visit a third-party website to check them. Steam Inventory Helper shows them directly on the product’s page.

A very useful feature is the lowest price finder. It scans various stores to see where the selected game is the cheapest and then displays this info on the product’s Steam page. It also shows what the game’s lowest historical price is.

Customize just about everything

If you take a look at the settings page, you might be overwhelmed by the abundance of customization options. You can choose which buttons and what information shown in the Steam UI, and even how it is displayed.

Valve is quite slow when it comes to improving the Steam UI, but extensions like Steam Inventory Helper add some of the features users have been asking for. It makes it a lot easier to buy and sell items on the Steam market, and it helps you find the best deals for games.

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