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STARTzjs 5.7.9 (Freeware)

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Manage the apps and settings on your system more efficiently using this launcher tool that helps you organize and run programs when Windows starts or As Administrator

STARTzjs is a small utility that grants you the convenience of viewing all the installed programs on your program in one list.

Organize the settings and applications based on their importance

The application sports an old-school interface that consists of three columns by default. While in the first column you can find quick access to the power options for the PC and the app's settings, in the second and third one you can access functions such as Uninstall Program, Power, Network Connections or the main folders of Windows.

It is worth mentioning that you can remove all of the default programs and add the ones you are actually using for the various tasks you perform on your computer, be it work or leisure. You can add a program using the Import option or, much simpler, with drag and drop.

In addition to its launcher role, the tool allows you to run programs As Administrator, run multiple apps at once, autostart with Windows or enables you to find a tool that was moved to another location for various reasons. Moreover, you can add weblinks and use them to start web services and check sheets values to execute needed actions via Alarm IFTTT. The later option allows you to set up at certain time or when there is a file change in the folder, title app window change or when value meets criteria in file or spreadsheet. Therefore, it can act as a substitute for Task Manager.

Allows you to configure sets of actions for various events using the TAP (Trigger Action Plans) function

A noteworthy feature is the TAP, an option that enables you to automatically commence a set of actions to be taken when a certain action takes place. For instance, you can monitor a folder for a given interval and, when any changes take place, you can set the app responsible to close down. As you would expect, the TAP stops as soon as the action you set is completed. However, if this is an event that occurs frequently, you can set it on repeat.

Furthermore, one will be able to also achieve better linkage with the task manager and other devices, through the MQTT broker, which allows for performing certain actions remotely, such as altering speaker volume or control calls.

In spite of the fact that it is not a looker, the program compensates through its practical utility. Therefore, if you are looking for a launcher that enables you to quickly access all apps that you are using on a regular basis from a single list, then perhaps STARTzjs might be worth a try.

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