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StartAllBack 3.0.1 (Shareware)

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Enjoy the power of Windows 11 without giving up on the classic and familiar look of your desktop, taskbar, file explorer and the Start menu

What's new in StartAllBack 3.0.1:

Fixed Alt-Tab misbehaving on some systems Fixed graphic artefacts on some ARM64 systems

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With Windows 11 officially released, users who want to enjoy the power of the new operating system must get accustomed to the new desktop layout and the enhanced looks. While many embrace the novelty, some are not so excited about the changes in appearance, especially since the main working area, the desktop, suffered a few significant changes.

If you are among the ones who don’t like change too much and want to stay in a working environment that is familiar, then you will surely enjoy StartAllBack. Created by the developers of the popular StartIsBack application, StartAllBack is an enhancement tool specifically designed to bring back the classic layout and looks to a Windows 11 computer.

Tweak Windows 11 and restore the familiar looks in Windows 10 

What StartAllBack does is restore the classical look of the taskbar, the File Explorer, Windows context menus and the Start menu, of course. Once installed, StartAllBack makes the revamped user interface of Windows 11 disappear and restores the elements that you are familiar with from previous OS iterations.

Please keep in mind that StartAllBack is specifically designed for Windows 11 and will not work on any older operating system. If you want to get back the start menu on Windows 10, then you should download StartIsBack for Windows 10, 8.1 or 8.

 Get back the original taskbar on Windows 11 

Let us begin with the taskbar, which is significantly modified in Windows 11. To be more specific, the new OS brings a centralized taskbar with the Start Menu button placed in the middle as well, creating a layout that might remind you a little too much of the macOS dock.

The original looks and position of the taskbar can be restored thanks to StartAllBack. Task icons are assigned labels, the size and the margins of the icons can be adjusted, and the taskbar can be split into segments. While in Windows 11 the taskbar is pinned to the bottom edge of the monitor, the classic taskbar can be moved to any of the edges. Moreover, the Start button is placed to the lower left corner, exactly where it has been staying throughout

Restore the original Windows Explorer and Start menu  

Windows Explorer is also overhauled in Windows 11, with a simplified toolbar that replaces the ribbon-based GUI. You can get back the original ribbon and command bar, as well as the "Details" pane at the bottom of the window and the old search box.

As for the Start menu, StartAllBack restores it to its original position, allowing you to launch apps and navigate the system with a click, with fast and reliable built-in search.

Work in a familiar Windows environment 

StartAllBack brings back the items that were changed in Windows 11, allowing you to preserve the familiar Start menu, taskbar and Windows Explorer looks. It is all about preference and the will to try out the new Windows looks and layout, but if you prefer working in a familiar environment, then StartAllBack can provide that for you.

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