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SQuirrel SQL Client 4.3.0 / 20211024_2114 Snapshot (GPL)

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A comprehensive and effective application that comes in handy for users who need to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database

SQuirrel SQL Client is a practical and reliable application whose main purpose is to help users view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, execute SQL scripts and modify tables effortlessly.

In order to use the application, you are required to connect to a database by configuring the driver definition and the alias. First thing first, you need to navigate to the Windows menu and view all the available aliases. After that, you are able to create a new driver definition by specifying its name, website URL address and class.

Afterwards, you can view the structure of the database from the object tree on the left panel. By clicking on the nodes, you are able to view further information displayed on the right panel of the application.

When it comes to executing SQL scripts, you can easily navigate to the SQL tab, available in the main window that opens once you have connected to an alias. This way, you are able to gather data from multiple tables using the proper commands such as INNER JOIN and group them by specific variables using the GROUP BY script.

Table types, system functions, SQL logs and processes are also available in the main window of the application, so you can easily analyze what data you want.

What’s more, SQuirrel SQL Client provides completion of SQL scripts, the same way modern IDE (Integrated Development Environment) do. This way, you can write code while using the CTRL + Space command in order to automatically complete procedures, tables, columns and views. However, this feature works only if invoked entries are available in the current database.

For instance, in case you accidentally type a name of a table that does not exist in your database, the application will not recognize it so it won’t provide any suggestions about the mentioned table.

Moreover, with the help of SQuirrel SQL Client you are able to bookmark commonly used SQL scripts in order to access them more easily. Additionally, you can manage and organize them by navigating to the Bookmark tab available in the ‘Global Preferences’ dialog.

In closing, SQuirrel SQL Client comes in handy for database administrators who need to analyze the structure of a JDBC compliant database effortlessly by configuring the proper drives and aliases, speaking of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, InstantDB, FrontBase and Apache Derby Client, to name a few.

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