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November 3, 2021 (11 seconds ago)
Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins, No Ads
Android 5.0

Squid.io MOD APK is a game based on today’s very popular Squid Game movie. The challenges in the game are kept the same as in the movie. Let’s play Squid Game!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Squid.io
    1. Take you into the world in Squid Game
    2. “Red Light, Green Light”
    3. There are also many other creepy games
  2. MOD APK version of Squid.io
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Squid.io APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Squid.io

Are you ready to play Squid Game?

Take you into the world in Squid Game

No one does not acknowledge the popularity of the Korean movie Squid Games. The film succeeded beyond imagination thanks to many factors converging at the same time: the plot is so attractive with the quality cast. The contemporary, modern, and childhood memories merge into one in the inhumane arena scene. In addition, there are a series of human values, deep emotions, and fierce social depictions of real-life outside. The movie really makes many people goosebumps. The level of twist is not too sublime, a little observant can guess the final boss from the beginning. But the unknown in the dramatic progressions of each game will give you a startle.

The movie is so popular that the cast in it, including some of you who play supporting roles, after the movie all become famous on Instagram and Tiktok. Even the main actress in it has a step to become a famous high-fashion brand ambassador. A series of services also exploded and made profits in an instant such as making a series of sugar candies with the same pictures as in the movie, the game’s doll was made and sold like hotcakes. And of course, there are a series of games that was made inspired by the movie.

Today I will introduce to you one of them is Squid.io, a game with 2D graphics, simple creation somewhat similar to Among Us style, but the challenges are similar to the movie.

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“Red Light, Green Light”

The strongest impression in Squid games must be the first round with the game Red Light, Green Light. It is thanks to the strong impression from the movie that when it comes to the game, the games almost all invest a lot in this key challenge, so does Squid.io.

In this first game, there is a big doll standing at the end of the road, it monitors the player’s activities. There will be creepy music from the song mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida that can be heard. When the music plays you will have to constantly move forward. The music can stop at any time, and when it stops, if you are still moving or moving for some reason, there will immediately be a series of gun barrels knocking you down in an instant. But that doesn’t mean you standstill. No matter how afraid you have to keep moving forward because the game has a specific time. Before the clock reaches 0, you must reach the destination and touch the scary doll. Those who are not in time, falling behind will also be killed mercilessly.

That’s the rule of the game. Your task is to try to run as fast as possible, within the first 5 people to reach the finish line, then hope to survive. The trick is that the doll can sing fast or slow, no one can predict its rhythm. You only have to listen carefully, react quickly to move forward, and stop at the right time.

The opening gameplay in Squid.io is just that. It is also quite simple and familiar to those who have seen the movie. But of course, it is not easy to play. Because the difficulty will increase gradually with the level. Sometimes the music speed is constantly changing, sometimes the time to the finish line is increasingly limited… All kinds of ways to make it difficult for players.

There are also many other creepy games

And of course, Squid.io will be indispensable for other famous games in the game such as tug of war, marble game, overcome glass bridge, and squid game… Each game brings different emotional nuances. The common point is that if you lose you will have to pay with your life, if you win, you will collect the bonus and move on. The only person who survives will collect the huge prize money and become the champion of the game.

The manufacturer also declares that it will continuously add different levels, corresponding to many other folk games. So if you love the challenge, feel free to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to finish the game too quickly.

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