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SQL Examiner Suite 2018 ( (Trial)

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Determine database and SQL file differences with this utility that allows you to compare and identify discrepancies in database schemas and contents

Those who work with multiple databases and handle various SQL files might seek a way to compare them in order to identify discrepancies or synchronize them to the same form. SQL Examiner Suite was developed with precisely this purpose in mind and it will be a good companion for users who need to speed-up their database deployment process, eliminate human errors and compare databases for determining any potential differences.

Consistent interface that manages to cover all the contents of the loaded database schemas or SQL files

The application features a well constructed interface that will allow users unhindered access to all the contents of the loaded files and database structures. Offering a side panel with the contents structure and a main viewing area, it will allow people to easily select the preferred database objects for comparison or synchronization.

When loading new files, users will be assisted by a useful wizard that will allow them to configure the comparison strategy to their requirements. They will be able to select Microsoft SQL Server backup, folders or local files, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL database schemas.

Easily determine if there are any discrepancies within your SQL database schemas

Users will be able to easily observe the differences between the internal structure of the loaded files / database schemas and the utility will also provide a syntax error warning, right in the configuration wizard. The objects that are available for comparison will be listed in the contents panel and one will be able to navigate through the identified differences by using the on-screen controls.

If choosing to synchronize the two items in order to achieve the same final outcome, the application will deploy a dedicated script, in the target file. Filters can be added in order to expedite the comparison process and the application allows one to maintain column order or ignore cases when comparing object names.

Useful software solution for those who need to compare different database schemas and SQL objects

Considering its advanced capabilities, this application could be a good choice for identifying differences in two database or SQL script files. It will assist users with a straightforward comparison configuration wizard that will allow them to easily set up the comparison strategy. Offering content synchronization it discrepancies are detected, the utility will allow one to efficiently update different items to the same final form.

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