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December 11, 2021 (5 mins ago)
Sprite Fantasia
X-Legend Entertainment
Android 5.0

Sprite Fantasia APK is a cute, colorful role-playing game from the publisher X-Legend Entertainment. If you like an adventure in the fairy world, you must definitely play this game.

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Introduce about Sprite Fantasia

Herald of Wonderland


Sprite Fantasia is the story of Sprite Messengers who are small, gentle people carrying in their blood fairy with many mysterious abilities. When the peaceful fairy world suddenly tinged with mourning due to the brutal invasion of the dark forces hidden since ancient times, the Sprite Messengers had to gather together to fight in many survival battles and destroy the origin of evil and return peace to the wonderland of Saphael.

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Game for romantic souls

Still a classic role-playing game, but Sprite Fantasia does not put too much emphasis on the process of climbing ranks, strengthening characters, or having to do something too special like in fighting games. Instead, you just need to relax, relax your mind, and accompany your character in every way to explore and enjoy the colorful fairy world in the game.

Sprite Fantasia was introduced by the publisher as the mobile version of the PC game Grand Fantasia Online. But everything has been refined to be more compact and simpler for the touch control mechanism on the phone.

Graphics and images

“Cute”, will be the first and foremost feeling about Sprite Fantasia. Of course, it is not out of the designer’s intention to make sure everything is light, bright, and lovely throughout the game. But if we separate the fully 3D graphics of Sprite Fantasia for analysis, then indeed each scene in the game is a work of art that can be called perfect. Cute anime characters, bright and colorful background, vast virtual world, and no monsters are the same, the scene is arranged in a reasonable and unique layer. In terms of visuals, I’m sure that Sprite Fantasia can satisfy all fastidious players.

Sprite Fantasia for Android

The music is a bit inferior to the visual, in my opinion, it is a bit monotonous. But in return, the effects in intense battles are no less than any fighting game. And for the rest – the normal scenes, the background music is only a few soft and gentle songs. Well, at that time, you may be busy watching the scenery, and music is just the side.


Playing Sprite Fantasia is playing a typical RPG game. You can play the role of a selected character belonging to one of the classes Wizard, Sage, Ranger, Assassin, Warrior… Each Sprite Messenger has its own power (and also weakness) and choosing who depends on you, your preferences, and your interests.

Starting the adventure to find and destroy evil, you will continuously receive many tasks from the game: explore a land, find treasure, track down monsters, find allies… Each task, when completed, will bring you a lot of valuable items. At the same time, magic skills can also increase significantly.

But the highlight of Sprite Fantasia is not in the role-playing part. It’s where players can create their own companions according to personal preferences. These monsters are both good at work and loyal, and so cute. These are known as Sprites who call the Sprite Messengers “owners”. As Sprite’s messenger, you’ll gather, connect, and build your companions into a mighty force, guiding them in their battle against the forces of darkness.

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You will immerse yourself in traveling all over the world with them. Then on the way, you can make friends with other people and even build a family life with your ideal partner. The immersive nature of life simulation in Sprite Fantasia is probably one of the unique features that make players feel like they are tied up and can’t leave the game. You will just want to continue playing, again and again, to see where your life as Sprite Messenger will go.

Not only that, but Sprite Fantasia also incorporates the Construction category. In the process of regaining peace for the country, you must constantly arrange different infrastructures in this wonderland so that it is able to defend itself and has a foundation for future development. Your effective “minions” in this construction process are none other than those versatile Sprites. You can send them to do odd jobs, collect resources, materials, make weapons, and even change their costumes for fun.

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The game is fun and relaxing, the 3D image of the open world is too large and beautiful. The gameplay mechanism is equally interesting with the emphasis on the mysterious creatures, Sprites, with strange and lovely appearances. If you want to play a role-playing game with a wonderful adventure, nothing can beat Sprite Fantasia in your selections.

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