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Spotlight X: Room Escape

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December 27, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Spotlight X: Room Escape
Javelin Ltd.
Unlimited Hints
Android 4.1

Spotlight X: Room Escape MOD APK puts you in a difficult situation. In the game, you have to find a way out of an unfamiliar room of a strange house. Imagine if you were stuck in such a situation, then how would you handle it?

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Introduce about Spotlight X: Room Escape

Solve puzzles to find your way out of the locked house!

Surprisingly, most of the unique games on mobile and PC and other platforms come from very popular ideas. With those ideas, the developers always transform them in many different ways to bring a unique experience to players.

And Spotlight X: Room Escape is one of such games. Yes, it has a general idea: for some reason, you’ve been locked in a strange room. You must find all ways to get out of that place before something unexpected happens. 


You play as a character with amnesia, and you find yourself somewhere in a locked house. As a natural reflex, you’ll want to get out of it by all means. But first, you need to know who you are, how did you get here, who is involved in this situation, and how to handle the locked house to find a way out? All this information is somewhere besides you. But of course, they are hidden or are the answer to a puzzle, which you have to overcome to find the next clue…

Spotlight X Room Escape MOD by APKMODY


Obviously, the idea is very basic, and the situation is not difficult to understand. But the way the game progresses will make you shiver. Your mind will completely be absorbed, there is not even time to breathe.

The form of puzzles in Spotlight X: Room Escape is quite classic. You must gather all the information to escape from this strange house. The game is divided into many different levels. The higher you go, the more difficult the escape becomes, according to the difficulty level of the puzzles. Find codes, solve sequences of numbers, pictures, find lost objects… all the most classic puzzle forms can be found in this game.

When solving puzzles, you can touch almost all the objects in the house. Interact, open and close, flip left and right to find clues inside. Do not overlook any item, even the most ordinary ones such as a notebook, a pen or even larger items such as a TV screen, behind a door…

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Interestingly, there are not only puzzles. You also need to use your imagination and reasoning to go to other rooms in the house, both to explore and find useful items/information for the escape. These rooms are all related to each other, and somehow only you can decipher it yourself.

Be patient, but don’t take too long

For those of you who first play a puzzle game to find an escape, it can be frustrating at first. Because you must wander around in the rather narrow space of the house when not knowing what to do next. In fact, the goal of these games is to test the patience and logical observation of the player. You must have these two factors to go ahead and open higher levels of the game.

But don’t take too long. If you don’t want to discourage yourself or get a bad ending for your character, don’t wander aimlessly for too long. Of course, you need to be very focused on the game.

Graphics and sound

There are no scares that cause fear, everything in Spotlight X: Room Escape is surprisingly fresh. Nothing too dark or murky at all. In that context, every detail shows up quickly and clearly. However, the difficulty lies in the ability to reason and connect things together. The 3D graphics are so beautiful, sophisticated, and very sharp. They must be made from the significant investment of the developer. Well-thought-out graphics have made the process of solving puzzles and self-liberating characters more exciting. In any situation, you can feel satisfied because of the surrounding context.

Spotlight X Room Escape for Android

The sound is not so much. It is just enough to emphasize the player’s interactions with objects. This game, in my opinion, is a bit too quiet, so sometimes the atmosphere is a bit depressing. If only there were a piece of soft background music, it would be much nicer.

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