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December 23, 2021 (2 mins ago)
Spotify Greenroom
Betty Labs Incorporated

Spotify Greenroom APK is an audio chat and messaging app, released by Spotify after it acquired Lockeroom.

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Introduce about Spotify Greenroom

A messaging and audio chat app from Spotify!

This is an audio chat application. You can create your own audio chat room or join the available Groups. These groups often discuss topics of interest from time to time. In any form of audio chat, you can see everyone in the room, and feel free to chat by text or audio with everyone.

What is Spotify Greenroom?

Discuss your passion and share culture

One of Spotify’s big goals in creating Spotify Greenroom is to provide an opportunity for users to have a place (and opportunity) to talk about a topic they love. At the same time, discuss and share experiences and interesting information from other users on topics of interest. This deep environment creates culture. That’s what Spotify is aiming for in the long run.

Experience on quality audio in Spotify Greenroom will help artists, professionals, athletes talk closer to their fans. Regular users can take advantage of chat rooms to share opinions and strengthen connections in the community. In other words, with Spotify Greenroom, anyone can easily turn their conversation into an interesting podcast.

Music themes, a big part of the content in Spotify Greenroom

Spotify’s strength is a powerful music player across platforms. So, a lot of the audio chats in the Spotify Greenroom chatroom are related to music. There will be all kinds of favorites, how to create a song, how to listen to music more effectively… all the music topics you might be interested in are available in Spotify Greenroom Groups. The barrier between fans, content creators, and general users is now gone. All together will exchange important, quality, and meaningful information. All cultures, all differences of opinion are now leveled through in-depth conversations in chat rooms. Yeah, more than a messaging and audio chat tool, Spotify Greenroom is also a place for cultural and musical exchanges.

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Find people with the same passion

In addition to music, Spotify Greenroom has a lot of other themes. Anyone can listen, speak, and create their own conversations. You can explore any topic from chats from all over the app: music, sports, news, culture, games… As you browse through these available Groups, you are sure to find them, one or more people with the same views and interests as you, even those with the most frivolous, rarest passions.

This cannot be done by any other social network or forum. Moreover, through deep conversations and exchanges in Spotify Greenroom, people with the same passion will find each other, in the most quality way, not just passing each other and superficially understanding each other.

Be proactive in every update

Spotify Greenroom also has the ability to quickly update all changes in the Chat Rooms you are following. Every time there is any new message or change of members, the application will automatically update and notify the user.

When you decide to join a chat room, depending on the chat room creator’s periodic preset schedule, your calendar is also automatically updated and noted with the chat calendar so you remember to join on time.

Topics available in groups on Spotify Greenroom are always displayed on the main screen of the application. Users can browse through one turn quickly. Then choose any favorite topic to join without any hindrance. Each chat room can save content on a server so that participants can listen to it again like podcasts. It has speakers and you can adjust audio levels to listen. As for the audio participation feature, depending on the initial settings from the group creator, participants will only listen or can listen and speak at the same time.

If you create your own chat room, what can you do?

You can create an interesting topic yourself and invite others to join the discussion in the group chat. As a group creator, you can start the conversation in the right direction you want, see the number of followers, interact with the participants, assign permissions to allow participants to listen only, or both listen and give the audio commentary.

With chat rooms created by celebrities to discuss an interesting topic, participants sometimes need to pay a fee to join the conversation and share their passion with their idols.

As a regular participant, what can you do in Spotify Greenroom?

You can freely choose the Groups and topics to join. Scroll through the information about the group’s creator to choose an acquaintance or a trusted idol. Join whenever you want and leave a comment if the audio speech feature is enabled from the chat room creator. You can also choose to record conversations in existing groups or create your own to listen to when needed.

Download Spotify Greenroom APK for Android

Any user with an existing Spotify account can use this Spotify Greenroom mobile app. The application is small, but its effect and cultural spillover are great. Have you used Spotify Greenroom yet?

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