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SpookyGhost 2021.10 (MIT License)

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A professional graphic editor tool designed to help developers create procedural animation for sprites used in video games or other projects

SpookyGhost is the name of this smart application that can be of help with creating procedural animation for sprites. If you are on the path of developing a platformer game and looking for a sprite editor or just want to breathe some life into your website, SpookyGhost might help with accomplishing such tasks.

Procedural sprite animation

The application comes packed with dozens of functions involved in editing sprites. You have to pin files to the canvas and change their size, color, position, rotation, and shape. As long as you know what you're doing, SpookyGhost will be the perfect workbench for your art.

In addition, in case your project becomes too difficult to edit with the GUI, the Ghost backs you up by letting you create and deploy Lua scripts, which will come in handy for more complex animation jobs.

Clear-cut interface

Despite it being a professional tool, SpookyGhost carries the user through the basics and right from the start. A well-written set of tips will accompany you through each step you take, ensuring a smooth learning curve, and a quick one at that.

Pinning sprites to the canvas is a walk in the park. A handful of models can be used to test out what the application has to offer. After you're done working on the sprites, you can save the results as either single frames, or a large sprite sheet.

A neat addition to any animator's toolbox

SpookyGhost is a properly chosen name for such an intricate sprite editor, especially when we think about the waving effect — a short example of the app's capabilities presented as an instructional video on the developer's homepage.

Names aside, you're left with an open-source, high-end tool for developers who look to inject some life into their games, movies, or web pages.

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