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SponsorBlock for YouTube (Chrome) 3.5 (GPLv3)

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Save yourself and others some time by contributing to a database that gathers information about YouTube sponsored segments in order to skip them

What's new in SponsorBlock for YouTube (Chrome) 3.5:

Changes this version: Make skip buttons bigger on mobile skip notice Add wiki links to options page Add support for required segments

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SponsorBlock for YouTube is a time-saving extension that detects sponsored segments of YouTube videos and places them in a database that gets shared between all its users. Most applications out there are designed to serve the user’s interests and take care of one’s needs only, while SB puts you in the opposite position, where you sacrifice several seconds to help others.

Submitting sponsors to the database

Submitting a sponsored segment causes a chain reaction that affects all users. A flagged segment will be skipped for the entire user base if one individual marked it. This way, even if you are working in favor of somebody else’s time, the service is mutual, as you can also benefit from other people's work.

One button flags a segment

You can tell you’ve landed on a sponsored video when you notice the yellow lines inside the video’s progress bar. If you want to flag the segments, you just have to open the extension’s menu and hit the “Sponsorship Starts Now” button.

To successfully commit a sponsored section, you have to input the timestamps from the beginning to the end of it, meaning that you have to click on the “Sponsorship Ends Now” button to determine that interval. In case you don’t complete this process for a video and move to another, a bubble will pop up informing you about the status of the last action.

Taking a look at the option menu

SponsorBlock for YouTube packs several options that can shave off some seconds from the base process. For example, you can set up hotkeys for submissions, get rid of skip notices, hide/show some buttons, etc.

Also, you can create a username and make your way up the leaderboard. Yes, there is a leaderboard that keeps track of the users that submitted the most sponsors and displays the overall stats.

All in all

SponsorBlock for YouTube is an interesting app that saves you some time with YT sponsored segments. Basically, the extension lets you help others by contributing with quick submissions to a dedicated database relevant to all SB users.

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