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SponsorBlock for Firefox 3.5 (GPLv3)

1 year ago 139

A web browser extension that skips sponsor segments in YouTube videos and also allows you to submit segments that have not been detected

What's new in SponsorBlock for Firefox 3.5:

Changes this version: Make skip buttons bigger on mobile skip notice Add wiki links to options page Add support for required segments

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We all like to watch YouTube videos on a daily basis, but it is annoying when we get to those segments where the creator presents their sponsor. But now we have a way to skip past those moments, thanks to SponsorBlock.

Saves you the effort of having to skip them yourself

If you have the extension installed in your web browser, it will automatically jump past the portion of the video were we receive details about the sponsor, and it will resume right after the segment is over.

However, every now and again it may happen that a sponsored segment is missed or simply hasn't been discovered yet. At that moment, every user who has the extension can signal that part using the buttons added in the YouTube player, and from then on everyone will know about it.

A growing community

The whole segment skipping part is not just a program acting on its own. As mentioned above, users are the ones signaling those portions of the videos in the first place.

On the SponsorBlock website, people are shown some pretty interesting statistics about other users who contributed the most to its growth. It shows the number of active members, the time saved so far by skipping, and so on.

Everybody wins!

If you are running an ad blocker, then you actually risk causing the YouTuber to lose money because you are skipping the advertising from their video. But with this extension, you do not need to worry.

As long as you've watched the majority of a sponsored video, no one will know that you skipped that specific segment and the creator will still get paid for it. So at the end of the day, you avoid watching the boring part, the YouTuber doesn't get affected and neither does the sponsor.

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