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Spitfire Audio App 3.3.18 (MIT License)

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Download, install and update numerous audio plugins from Spitfire Audio by using this library manager that comes with an intuitive interface

Have you ever heard of Spitfire Audio? If you’re a music producer and are fond of cinematic compositions, then you should look into their plugins and sound libraries. Some of their samples are created by well-known musicians and composers, including Hanz Zimmer, Eric Whitacre, Hauschka, and the London Contemporary Orchestra.

But in order to download most of their audio plugins (both the free and the very expensive ones), you must first install this library manager that is simply called Spitfire Audio App.

An intuitive download manager

After you install the app, your browser will prompt you to use it when you attempt to get some of the plugins featured on the Spitfire Audio website. There’s no other way to download, install, or even update the musical instruments. Fortunately, Spitfire Audio App is an easy-to-use program that actually speeds up the whole process.

In the “My Products” section you can see every Spitfire Audio plugin that you already own. You can then proceed to download and install multiple products at the same time. As I’ve already mentioned, you can use this app to update the plugins and instruments, but also to repair installations, or even reset your entire library.

Not much else to write about

Although it does its job well, I still can’t help but think that Spitfire Audio App could have been used to minimize one's interactions with the company's website (browse through Spitfire Audio's long list of products, purchase them directly from the app's interface, all that stuff).

Nevertheless, I can't judge Spitfire Audio App for what it could have been. Right now, it’s a tool that's necessary if you want to start using a suite of very well-made virtual instruments. And, unlike other dedicated download managers of its kind, it does seem to be doing more to help you than to make things unnecessarily complicated.

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