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Spire.XLS 11.6 / 11.10.4 Hotfix (Demo)

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Enable compatibility for Excel files in terms of editing, opening, or exporting directly from the applications you want to create with .NET Framework

What's new in Spire.XLS 11.10.4 Hotfix:

Bug: Fixes the issue that the content was incorrect when converting Excel to PDF. Fixes the issue that the application threw an error "Invalid LegendPositionType string val" when loading an .xlsx file. Fixes the issue that the combination chart type was not got incorrectly.

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Spire.XLS is a component for Excel .NET programming that can be used with Windows Forms applications, ASP.NET sites and .NET Framework applications. It was designed to help software developers enhance their projects by implementing Excel-related functions within applications created in the .NET platform. The core functions it covers are generating Excel documents from a given template and modify or convert them.

It should be noted that despite the fact that it can manage Excel documents, this assembly does not have a Microsoft Excel dependency. It features support for plenty of formats, which range from old XLS (97-2003) to new XLSX, XLSB or XLSM (2007 and later), but can also process Open Office format (ODS).

Users can implement file conversion capabilities within their .NET applications, as this component supports various output formats, including PDF, HTML, CSV, plain text, image, XML or XPS. It can also convert from several formats back to Excel.

Spire.XLS makes it possible that users can create worksheets in ASP.NET, C# or VB.NET. Among the features it supports, it is possible to find inserting page breaks, adjusting zoom settings, adding headers or footers and printing a certain area. Several charts can be inserted into the output document, as this component lets users implement this function in their apps.

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