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Sparklite APK is reminiscent of the classic The Legend of Zelda series on Gameboys. Brothers with the same taste should not ignore.

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Introduce about Sparklite

Adventure through the land of sparklite crystals!

What is Sparklite?

Sparklite is a classic pixel-action role-playing game that is familiar with many typical elements but emphasizes a new storyline and some interesting points in the gameplay.

The first difference is Sparklite’s pixel action role-playing element combined with dramatic roguelike gameplay.


The main character in Sparklite is a good female engineer named Ada. During a mission, Ada and her teammates encountered a strange storm. Accompanied by an onslaught of strange wet creatures. As a result, the spacecraft was damaged, Ada was the only survivor and she decided to cling to the lifeboat, and then fell on a strange planet called Geodia.

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Ada’s first battle in this strange land was the battle against a boss in the game. And of course, with the weakness, Ada lost quickly. She was later unconscious and rescued by the inhabitants of an aerial settlement called The Refuge. The story then unfolded gradually through conversations with the inhabitants of the settlement. Ada learned of sparklite, a particularly rare crystal in the land, which was the only thing that has kept its inhabitants alive until now.

An evil force has arisen and desired to suck up all sparklite mines to plot to invade the land and many other places, including Ada’s Earth. To save herself and also to repay the favor of saving her life to the inhabitant of The Refuge, Ada joined forces with them against Baron to shatter his dreams of domination.

The entire land of Geodia is the main setting of the entire game. Sparklite is Ada’s long adventure in Geodia where they fight against thousands of monsters, strange forces lurking there to slowly move to a greater secret and solve all the challenges ahead.


A long adventure combined with roguelike is definitely not peaceful or easy. As you already know, roguelike will always come with a slashing element, a series of selection elements, and a not-funny ending if you are defeated (you will have to go back to the beginning).

In Sparklite, the maps, the making of blocks, caves, and dungeons look quite familiar. I’m sure those of you who like new experiences won’t love this game, but if you don’t mind the similar feeling, and get through the first retro levels, you will probably think differently about Sparklite.

In the game, the sparklite crystal is the main “currency”. Do you want new armor, more weapons, or build something, or generate new energy? They all require sparklite. This is also a small new feature, making Sparklite look less absurd than some games of the same type.

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Ada’s main weapon is a hammer, so obviously, her strength is close combat. At first, Ada only has a small amount of damage, but then through the game (after dying and coming back to life several times), Ada will have a higher damage index, the amount of health is also more than the original (at first you only have 3 drops of blood and therefore, you can suffer 3 attacks).

Sparklite doesn’t have the randomness of modern roguelike games, but it’s this ability to maintain character strength and this deep enhancement system that makes players stay longer and more persistent.

Upgrade system

In return for the somewhat familiar feeling from the story to the gameplay, Sparklite has brought a very stable upgrade system. Each time she dies and comes back to life, the character Ada accumulates more crystal power and skills. That means you guys just keep living and fighting hard, if you’re unlucky to lose your life, don’t be sad because then you’ll come back and be better than before. Yes, with the condition that you must work hard before.

As I also said, in any situation, Ada is given options: choosing entrance 1 or 2, choosing weapon A or B, choosing to increase skills, or choosing a new weapon… as long as it is reasonable. But note that some of the cool weapons or quests in the game will be lost if you die, only the spartlike crystals and skills will remain with Ada.

Graphics and sound

Although someone said this is another version of The legend of Zelda, I think differently. Sparklite is much more refreshing.

In the land of Geodia, Ada had to move through many different dimensions, each with its topography, soil, and nuances. Although it is just classic basic pixel graphics, every detail in each scene is shown quite sharp. Sparklite’s color scheme has many modern colors, making the gameplay different from the old pixel games.

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The background music is also good. Even better, you can play 2-3 different areas. I found out that each land in Geodia has different background music, the details of each attack, different monsters, the rhythm are also different. The differences in the sound have created many attractive battle spaces for the game.

Download Sparklite APK for Android

Sparklite can be called a rare case. The game is not new, the plot is not too big, the pixel graphics, although with a modern color scheme, are just pixels. Only roguelike gameplay is incorporated. Sometimes, when many familiar things are combined with some good new elements such as challenging gameplay, attractive colors, and background music, it creates a beautiful game worth enjoying.

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