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November 30, 2021 (14 mins ago)
Photos & Videos
Android 8.0

Soloop APK will help you intelligently categorize the photos and videos you have on your phone and then continue to personalize them into your special collections. This app is both convenient and essential.

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Introduce about Soloop

Make your own clips and intelligently categorize photos & videos on your device!

Not everyone has a deep need for video clip creation, and not everyone can categorize the photos and videos neatly on their phones. Just create clips simply, quickly, conveniently, simply edit, make videos from the photos in the device, can also automatically tag, rearrange frames, clips in the device according to available themes. Assuming there is an application like that, there is nothing like it.

If you have that need, just create more beautiful clips at a semi-professional level, while being able to neatly categorize and arrange your photos and videos, you should find a lightweight application that has both functions at the same time. And Soloop can do it both for you.

What’s so special about Soloop?

Soloop is one of the rare apps that can have that two features at once. The first feature is Intelligently categorizing photos & videos on your device. The second feature is Creating and editing videos automatically on the available audio background. These two seemingly unrelated but intimately needed features will bring you unexpected convenience.

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The intelligent automatic video editing feature

I’ll probably talk about the intelligent automatic video editing feature on Soloop first. Because compared to categorizing, grouping media files, this need seems to be more concerned.

Soloop is one of the applications that help adjust videos automatically on the background of musical rhythms. From an original video, Soloop will automatically add the necessary transitions and effects to create a finished clip, with the desired background melody.

Soloop can also help you create a video by linking multiple photos together. Doing it this way, you will need to combine many more features to complete the clip such as adding color effects and transitions.

Video editing and improvement operations in Soloop include a set of specialized features such as cutting, joining, fast forward, slow discharge, music dubbing (from the application’s available library), adding Filters for other rich colors more distinctive, and finally creating smooth transitions throughout the video. This set of transition effects is especially useful when you want to create videos from many photos together, the smoother the transition from one photo to another, the more beautiful and natural the final video will be.

Or you can also add to your video attractive subtitles with fonts and text effects that are also pretty much available in the Soloop library.

Once the video is created, you are free to review it before saving it or posting it on social media sites. If you don’t like it, you can edit it further to get the video you like best.

Intelligently categorize photos & videos

When you use this feature, you can categorize your photos and videos, including all your photos and videos stored on your device. Soloop has 84 different stickers available so you can actively categorize and group these photos and videos so that when needed, just search the tag to get the results right away, no need to remember the date or time that you save those photos and videos.

SoLoop also can edit your videos to match the beat of selected music. The app will automatically add transitions to an original video, creating a video by linking multiple photos together. And after categorizing the files, from there, you can take photos, make videos, or do any editing effects on the existing files. You just need to find the file tag you want to edit, then Soloop will make a video by that file.

This feature is like you are tagging on Instagram or Facebook. When you need to search by tag, you will immediately get the necessary results. It sounds light and doesn’t matter much, but if you have a lot of photos and videos on your device, it will very difficult and take time to find. At that time, an app that categorizes the photos and videos like Soloop will help you a lot.

Small capacity, friendly interface

Having two very useful features but Soloop is very simple and compact. This app takes up very little machine space, you can install and use it immediately. The interface is also easy to understand, easy to use, anyone can access it quickly, unlike many other video editing and file categorize applications that are quite complicated to use.

All text, icons, and instructions in Soloop are very concise, easy to see, and have minimalistic colors. In general, it’s very convenient to operate on mobile phones and tablets. With just a few basic touches, you can edit your photos and videos.

Download Soloop APK for Android

Editing, creating videos, and sorting and categorizing media files in your device at the same time, Soloop will be a compact and useful application that you should have on your device for your integration needs but doesn’t need to be so in-depth.

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