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Updated on April 12, 2022

Sniper Zombies MOD APK is a zombie shooting game combined with sniper shooting from VNG Game Studio – creator of various addictive zombie games such as Dead Target, Zombie Hunter, downloaded by more than 100 million players around the world. If you are a fan of not only zombie games but also sniper games, you can’t miss this game.

Introduce about Sniper Zombies

Get ready for a new stunning shooting game, the amazing combination of zombie game and sniper game!


Zombie shooter is not difficult to find on mobile. Partly because the action theme is too attractive, and accessible to a large audience, partly because the shooting mechanism on mobile is also quite easy for moving and mastering the game. But considering the reality, if there is a real zombie epidemic in real life, the way of standing and shooting at each zombie one by one does not seem very realistic. They flocked to the herd, becoming more and more bloodthirsty and more crowded.

Is it possible, as you have seen in classic zombie movies, that you can combine direct armament with an army of zombie snipers from afar to hope one day to put an end to the terrible pandemic? Building on a post-apocalyptic setting, Sniper Zombies opened with such a mindset.

The prospect of a certain future, humanity is wiped out because of the zombie pandemic. All have turned into terrible monsters that always hunt the survivors. In the base hidden behind the distant mountains, a few people still alive are still fighting and holding out, hoping to one day destroy all the source of that fearsome bacteria and save the fate of humans.

The living is still doing their jobs, finding food and water on the ground, moving to find new shelters, or simply scouring the world for tools, equipment for homemade weapons, and building bases for people. And while on duty, they weren’t able to protect themselves as well as they could in battle. A sniper team was created to specialize in remote companion missions, protecting fellow soldiers on other missions on the ground. In Sniper Zombies, you are one of the best snipers on this elite sniper team.

Play both online and offline

Sniper Zombies is where you will discover tons of modern 3D sniper weapons, many terrible zombies, and the remarkable combat speed of marksmen. As a sniper to protect others while completing a mission, you will observe from afar, without a second of distraction, keeping an eye on your fellow humans to protect their safety in all situations. Someone is on a mission, and the zombies jump out of nowhere, you are the only one who can protect all of them from that dangerous situation.

Every day you get to try out a new sniper rifle and be given different missions to complete. The guns are getting stronger and faster, but the zombies are also increasingly stronger, and more sophisticated. Every time you win them, you will receive valuable rewards and gradually upgrade your strength, and shooting skills as well as collect many new guns with higher combat value.

In this world, you not only have to shoot zombies but also have to destroy the enemies, who are aggressive survivors. They are scattered everywhere, mingling and trying to take over your party’s weapons, materials, and food. In this place of near death, there is no place for love to overcome hatred. All conflicts can only be quickly resolved by gun battles. Compared to zombies, the enemies of the same kind are sometimes even more terrible and unpredictable.

Graphics and sound

This zombie sniper game has many attractive missions, along with a series of actions, and realistic rhythmic gestures of the character. Graphics are not exactly excellent but coordinate with everything going on on the battlefield, creating a feeling of suffocation when playing. Especially the jump phases from a corner of the screen of the zombies.

The Sniper Zombies map is also quite large, with many different areas allowing you to explore different dead zones, from big cities to prisons. Each place has terrain with many advantages and disadvantages for you to take advantage of your sniper vision from a distance. The sniper rifle weapon series is beautifully designed, detailed, and the physics simulation is also quite good.

The sound is detailed, crisp, and not too noisy, but shows the deadly spirit of the zombie battlefield. You will be thrilled, worried, excited, crazy when witnessing zombies appear too. A lot of emotions show up in many different situations in the game. Sniper Zombies is attractive because it creates so many extreme climaxes, through the support of images and sounds.

MOD APK version of Sniper Zombies

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increases when you spend.

Download Sniper Zombies APK & MOD for Android

In short, Sniper Zombies is a zombie sniper game with many missions, and many contexts to explore. You will enjoy the art of shooting at a new angle, long-range, and much more active than other zombie shooters.

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