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Updated on April 15, 2022

Smart Launcher 6 MOD APK is a Launcher application for Android mobile and is the trusted Launcher application with the most complete feature set available today. Smart Launcher 6 has won a series of trusted Awards for its robustness: Best Android Launcher 2020-2021, Best Custom Launcher for Android, Top 10 Launcher for Mobile, Playstore Best App 2015. Just download Smart Launcher 6, and you have in hand a lot of smart auto features and a series of effective customizations for your mobile.

Introduce about Smart Launcher 6

The most complete launcher today for Android devices!

Talking about the advantages of Android mobile and tablet, Open Operating System with unlimited customization is one of the top. When using an Android device, you will be allowed to change many things as you like, and you are not forced into an existing template like on iOS. You can change the theme, layout, wallpaper, arrange apps into folders, and place widgets on the home screen…

And for that customization to be wider and more open, a series of Launcher applications were born one after another. Each Launcher is a different style, content, and strength, giving you tons of cool customization suggestions for your device.

If you choose a powerful Launcher that works efficiently and smoothly, your phone will become a truly smart device with many magical automation features. When it comes to the Launcher app, it’s definitely worth mentioning Smart Launcher 6, the most powerful Launcher application that owns the most utilities today for Android devices.

Outstanding advantages of Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 is completely different from the Launcher apps you know or use. The experience it brings is smooth and neat, everything is solid without excess points. And it has many unique and rich features compared to other launcher applications.

The next advantage of Smart Launcher 6 is that it does not take up much space and drain much battery. The most common concern of users when using the Launcher app is that the device becomes slow because it consumes space, and it heats up quickly because it consumes the battery. But with Smart Launcher 6, you won’t need to worry about these two. The app’s rich feature set never slows down your device. You can use Smart Launcher 6 for both low and mid-range devices.

Put everything in the right place

Another advantage of the app is the neat, easy-to-understand, and accessible Custom Interface. Anyone using Launcher for the first time can use Smart Launcher 6 quickly. Although integrating a lot of features from simple to sophisticated, Smart Launcher 6 has a minimalist interface with few control steps and a rare, neat arrangement.

The app has an App Drawer feature which is very handy for people who have hundreds of apps installed on their devices. This drawer is divided into 5 categories, including Contacts, Services, Games, Media, Utilities, and Settings. You can add new categories or delete existing ones. There aren’t any limits.

Fast and efficient search engine

The app is good at smart search. You can search everything within a note. Just type keywords into the search bar of the application, all related results will come in a snap.

You can search everything you have on your device through Smart Launcher 6 by file name, phone number, personal account, website information, keyword in application name… At the same time, every time you open the search bar in the app, a Suggested List will appear listing all the most frequently used apps. You don’t need to search again on the home screen. This list also automatically updates regularly based on your application usage logs.

Smart Launcher 6 not only helps search quickly, accurately, and efficiently, but also suggests information that is directly or indirectly related to the keyword you are looking for. Thanks to that, the search speed is high, and the coverage is wider and deeper.

Strong personalization capabilities

You can set the layout as you like, sort apps by need, change location, delete apps, sort categories by name, size, downloaded date, or feature set for better visibility. You can do it easily with the help of Smart Launcher 6.

Personalization is also evident in the ability to change icons and diverse wallpapers for free. If you want to change any icon or color or wallpaper, you just need to select from the available library and click the corresponding features to customize.

In addition to the main features mentioned above, Smart Launcher 6 also brings a series of equally useful extra features, including:

  • Smart auto screen lock (and shut down background apps) to save battery
  • Place the Widget on the home screen, adjust the position for the search bar, and freely adjust the layout of the home screen.
  • Hide apps and secure apps by adding a layer of passwords and keeping them in a safe place.

MOD APK version of Smart Launcher 6

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Smart Launcher 6 APK & MOD for Android

With just a single application named Smart Launcher 6, you can quickly set up a high-quality Personalization System on your mobile and optimize the process of Information Management and Search. Smart Launcher 6 is indeed the Launcher every Android user should have on their device.

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