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Slow motion video FX

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Slow motion video FX
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Android 4.3

When playing games or watching movies, slow motion scenes always make a special impression. Have you ever wanted to create a short film with a slow-motion style on your mobile phone? If you like that, download Slow motion video FX MOD APK and use it right away.

Table of contentsIntroduce about Slow motion video FXThe charm of slow motion effectSlow motion effect creation mechanismSlow motion and fast motion are both availableSome tips when using Slow motion video FXMOD APK version of Slow motion video FXMOD featureDownload Slow motion video FX APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Slow motion video FX

Control Your Video Speed As You Want!

The charm of slow motion effect

Who girl is not moved by the amorous gaze of a young actor in the film, or few boys can’t help but be moved by the smiling eyes of a beautiful, dreamlike actress. Do you want to play the lead role in those charismatic slow motion?

Slow motion video FX MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Slow motion video is a video in which the entire action, progression, character’s expressions, and all other detailed movements on the frame are slowed down compared to external reality. Kind of like the action of raising your hand, which normally only takes 1 second, in slow motion mode will last for more than 10 seconds.

Slowmotion effects will be used to emphasize a particular event. Like in combat games, scenes of launching final skills, launching combos, or shooting battlefields often use the slow-motion effect. They are used to emphasize the grandeur of the combo, the bravery of the character, or the top headshots. Thereby it increases the excitement and stimulates the action scene of the player.

As for regular video clips, think a little simpler. If you add a reasonable slow motion effect, you will be able to depict the contours of the body and face, highlighting the lovely gestures of yourself or someone. For example, the act of flipping hair, smiling, blinking shyly… These moments, if recorded slowly, will explode with the visual and attractiveness of the main characters in those clips.

Slow motion video FX for Android

If you want to create yourself a video clip with a sophisticated, sophisticated slow motion effect to shine in every moment, you can use this application that I find quite great: Slow motion video FX.

Slow motion effect creation mechanism

The general operating principle of the application is to record or use available videos at 120 frames per second or higher, then down the playback speed at 24, 30, 60 frames per second to create the best slow motion effect.

Well, there is a small note when using the live camera in Slow motion video FX to record clips. Everyone should shoot in a well-lit environment, preferably sunlight. Because in slow motion mode, the number of frames the camera saves in a second is very large, so with enough light, the new image will not be blurred or leave faint color trails like shadows behind.

Slow motion and fast motion are both available

Not only creating slow motion clips from the original clip with normal speed, but Slow motion video FX also supports creating fast-forward clips with fast motion effects. In short, this application allows you to choose the output speed of the clip. How fast or slow it should depend on the preferences and needs of the user.

Some tips when using Slow motion video FX

If you want to use the slow/fast motion effect the best for your video, here are a few useful tips for you when using this app.

When you’re recording a clip of yourself talking or chatting with others, it’s a good idea to use fast forward effect to make the conversation jarring or use slow motion to make your video squiggly or you can get noise as if you were stuck in speech. It will be very funny.

Those who want to make your videos more attractive can record a clip of some everyday movements and then slow down, you will see each gesture very interesting like the act of picking up an apple, peeling a fruit, shaking clothes, ironing…

Slow motion video FX Premium

Or if you want to experience the feeling of a real scientific researcher, can manually record and apply slow-motion effects to scenes of falling objects, broken glasses, vibrating strings, splashing water… It can help you a lot in learning, observing the movement effects.

Pets can also be the subject of clips and slow motion or fast motion, they are so cute in slow motion effect.

And there are hundreds, thousands of other interesting ideas that with a little attention, you can make easily with the help of Slow motion video FX.

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