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Slice them All 3D Mod APK 1.52 (Unlimited money)

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Tae - 26/10/2021

Download Slice Them All Mod APK Latest Version free for Android now. Cutting through robots and obstacles has never felt so satisfying.

Are you looking for a fun lighthearted game that won’t take up too much time? You know, something that can be enjoyed for a few minutes a day, but still feels satisfying. This is exactly the type of game you’ll want to play.

Download Slice Them All 3D for Android. You’ll have a blast carving into anything that comes into your line of sight.

How to Play

Your objective is an apparent one – make it to the end of a level, while avoiding death. You’ll also have a laser gun by your side to cut through everything like butter.


The game begins with a sign telling you to “Slice Them All”. Everything in this game can be sliced and diced into pieces, including this sign. You will be on an automated path to get through the various obstacles and reach your goal. Along the way, there will be a ton of robotic goons attempting to stop you from proceeding.


Controlling Slice Them All 3D is apparent from the very beginning of the first stage. Thus, most people would instantly realize how to play with no issues whatsoever. The basic controls are as straightforward as the concept of the game.


In order to control your character, one finger is all that will be necessary. Tapping on the screen and holding your finger down will activate your laser. Next, dragging your finger along the screen will lead the laser around, cutting anything within the path.

What, did you expect more to the commands? Nope, there isn’t anything else to know about the ropes of Slice Them All 3D.


What about the graphics? Well, everything is displayed from a first-person POV. To this extent, you will not be able to visualize your own character while playing. Actually, that might be better, due to the actual quality of the graphics.


As far as the style and quality of graphics go, they aren’t much things to be excited about. Visually, the models aren’t super detailed or realistic. In fact, everything feels more low quality, with little to no budget.

But, that doesn’t take away the fun that can be had with your experience. As long as you enjoy cutting past things with ease, this game is still a satisfying adventure. So, the graphics can be excused as long as the gameplay is holding up to your specific expectations.

Slice Them All 3D Mod APK Free Download

Additionally, the Slice Them All 3D Mod APK is available to download for Android devices, right here. Although, there isn’t much of a difference when comparing this version to the base APK, or even the original Play Store download. There is one noticeable feature that stands out over the rest.


When choosing the modified slasher game APK, you will be able to access:

Unlimited money

With this, you will be able to purchase more upgrades quickly. This gives you a head start in a lot of content in the game. Rather than constant grinding to earn money, you can just get straight to buying.


Here, you have a satisfying way to cut through your free time (literally). As long, as there’s a moment to be spared, pull out your phone and enjoy slicing and dicing up some robos. Go ahead and download Slice Them All 3D Mod APK for Android!

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