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December 28, 2021 (24 mins ago)
Slap and Run
Unlimited Money, No Ads
Android 7.1

VOODOO is the publisher behind many popular casual and arcade games on mobile. The general style of light entertainment games from this company is that they have minimalistic graphics, minimalist gameplay, minimalist controls, but their ideas are sometimes strangely unexpected. Let’s try Slap and Run MOD APK for the best experience.

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Introduce about Slap and Run

Karma hits you as soon as you slap someone for no reason!

Crazy too funny idea

Playing Slap and Run, you will utter, “so funny”.  All the main characters or super-sub ones in this game do not have a clear identity and are just a few human models, distinguished from each other by color. You will find yourself playing a person (in blue). Your task is to go around to strike everyone you meet with heavenly slaps. Karma also comes very fast. When you slap people too much, you will build up enough anger, and there will be a huge crowd of people chasing you from behind. If you are caught up, you will be slapped back in pain and rolled off the track.

Or if you are not caught up by the other people, you will also have to overcome a lot of different obstacles, such as small and large cogwheels (that sometimes stand still and sometimes move back and forth). Later on, these roadblocks appear more and more with the faster moving speed, making you confused. If you run into these cogs incidentally, you will be thrown up or your body will be cut in half. And then, of course, the game is over, and you must play that scene again.

Things will be even more tragic if you fall into an enclosure. That means there are a lot of people in front waiting for you to slap you, behind is a crowd of angry pursuers, in the middle is a pile of sharp cogs waiting for you to kill you. And the screen is running continuously, and you can’t stop, even for a split second. What you should do is to run left, right constantly. Use your quick hand and eye to pass all and reach the final destination of the level.

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Alternating with those challenges is sometimes rewarding. Remember to notice the blue rectangles. They are speed food. Just by eating them, you will double, triple your speed, to be able to escape from the angry crowd and shorten the distance to the finish line.

If you are lucky enough to escape from those challenges, the end of the track will be a temporary character called a boss. He appears and waits for you to run over and slap him. If you slap him, he will fly far. In front of you is a measuring stick, that boss flies to which point on the stick and you will get that much bonus, and come to the next level.

What’s fun about Slap and Run?

The most fun is you can slap people unlimitedly. Your task is just to touch left and right to control the running direction of the character. As for slapping people, you don’t have to worry, your character will automatically slap them once passing by. So just run without thinking.

The joy is also when you hit a person, that character falls face down on the road, without any resistance. Accompanying that fall is a funny popping sound.

The second fun is watching the blue character gliding back and forth on the road. At first, it was not very impressive. But to the more difficult levels, more people are scattered on the road. And a few more cogs are also here and there. So, you must go back and forth, looking like a drunk.

Finally, the most surprising thing to me is the “karma”. In some other casual games like this, there are only obstacles in front of you. But in Slap and Run, the big challenge lies behind it. It’s very truly doing evil and getting retribution. It really surprised me. A thumbs up for VOODOO!

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