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Updated on March 23, 2022

SkyTube APK is an application to stream videos from YouTube. It is free to use without ads, with an easy-to-use interface, and many extra features that solve many of the disadvantages of the YouTube application on mobile devices. 

Introduce about SkyTube

The application as a replacement for YouTube: download and play videos even when the screen is off with many other utilities

What is SkyTube?

As a free source code, SkyTube can be viewed as a YouTube alternative on Android mobile devices. SkyTube is completely free to use. It commits to having no ads and giving compensates for the existing inconvenience of the YouTube mobile application. Specifically, SkyTube can help mobile users download videos/clips to their devices for offline viewing, support playing videos even when the screen is off, and provide a few other small functions.

The interface is different from the YouTube app, but overall, it’s easy to use

My initial assessment after a few days of using SkyTube is that its interface is quite easy to use. It is different from YouTube and focuses on watching and downloading videos, so it does not have the usual functions found on YouTube such as Upload, livestream…

The main SkyTube menu has the following items:

  • Featured: special videos that are famous in the world and are viewed by many people now.
  • Trending: trending videos selected by default 
  • Feed: filtered videos from the channels you are following
  • Marked: videos have been marked by users for viewing slowly
  • Download: downloaded videos via the SkyTube app

SkyTube’s distinctive but simple, user-friendly design is not only shown in the main menu of the app but also the detail pages. Specifically, when you touch a video to watch it online, below will be detailed options: Open with (open this video in another application, like YouTube), Share via (share the video via other social networks), Copy URL, Marked (mark for later review), Download, View thumbnail (view and download video thumbnail), Block channel. These features are vertical, and you can choose any feature you want, directly manipulate them while watching the video.

Support playing videos even when the screen is off

This is one of the features that the YouTube app doesn’t support. SkyTube can help you play music even when the screen is off. Many of you probably can’t stand when you are passionately immersed in music, but it is off simply because the screen is off. But now you do not need to worry because once you’ve downloaded this SkyTube app, you are free to listen to music no matter what, even with the screen off.

This is a feature I like on SkyTube.

Download videos quickly

You know, YouTube on mobile never lets us download anything. So, if you want to watch a short clip offline or want to download a movie to watch anywhere, you can’t. But you can do it with SkyTube.

The process of downloading videos via SkyTube is very fast, smooth, and without any loss of original quality. You can choose from different quality levels depending on your device’s memory and the quality of the connection at the time of download. The app offers up to 2K and 4K quality (if the original file is large enough).

Actually, at first, I decided to download SkyTube to use because of this video download feature.

In addition to the main functions above, SkyTube also has a series of secondary features that are also quite useful, such as:

  • Night mode
  • Disable video gestures 
  • Continues repetition

There is no need to register, and you can still use the application, which offers more user access. But because of this, in SkyTube, you do not get some YouTube account-specific functions such as adding videos to the favorites list, getting personalized recommendations, or giving likes/comments on a YouTube video. You can only watch the clip as a guest.

Download SkyTube APK for Android

SkyTube is a good choice if you want to watch YouTube videos quickly and listen to music even when the screen is off and download clips for offline viewing at high speed. Although there are some limitations, SkyTube has solved many of the current shortcomings of the original YouTube application.

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