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Updated on October 2, 2022

Now, you can download the APK version of SimpleRockets 2 on APKMODY, because it’s free!

Introduce about SimpleRockets 2

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut, flying with rockets and space exploration? Making rockets not everyone can do, it’s the work of world-class experts. However, the developer Jundroo has released a game called SimpleRockets – a game that allows anyone of any age to build their own rocket. With unique content, this game has become famous and quickly rose to the top in the category. Following the success of first version, SimpleRockets 2 was quickly born with the expectation of many people.

Making rockets

Like its predecessor, SimpleRockets 2 opens up a vast 3D space to build rockets in whatever shape the player wants. With over 17 challenges and many different levels, the game challenges anyone’s creativity limit.

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SimpleRockets 2 is not just an entertaining game. It provides a wealth of knowledge about aircraft assembly techniques, rockets and engines, giving players the experience as if they were actually building a real rocket. Engines and parts have been made available, players only need to assemble manually to complete the final product.

The game has many parts with many different functions for the player to choose. For example, when you choose aircraft or rocket engines, with eight types of engines available. In particular, the Mage engine runs on extremely strong kerosene, the ion engine is weak but it offers high efficiency. Easily shape fuel tanks, cargo compartments, wings, shaping parts and easily resize them to fit the rocket models you want to make. The model of the rocket are very complex and have many small details such as solar panels, pistons, and wheels. Do not forget them!

During the operation of the rocket, the active piston and the fuel burned, the heat was constantly generated. Please install the radiator to reduce the pressure, because if the temperature is too high, it is easy for unexpected problems. In addition, players can bring assembly parts into space and use them to build space stations, refuelling stations, detectors, satellites or even bases on the moon. They can also be used as stops or exchanges with other astronaut stations.

Discover the universe

In addition to making rockets, players can also explore 3D planets, designed in great detail by Jundroo’s team. There are many strange planets appearing in the galaxy. In SimpleRockets 2, not only does Earth survive life, but other planets also have biomes, deserts, meadows and water. What could be more interesting than making your own rocket and using it on your space exploration trip?

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With time support mode, the realistic simulated orbits will shorten the time from one planet to another. You can also set up your schedule by using the map to see the rocket’s trajectory, then set the necessary mode.


The graphics in SimpleRockets 2 are really impressive. Space and planets are realistically simulated on the 3D platform. The parts of the rocket are very detailed, practical interaction during the assembly and use. Therefore, when playing this game, you feel like you are fly into the universe with real rockets.

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In order for the designs to be unique and personal, players can manually customize the paint color, adjust the contrast, texture type, detail for their designs.

Download SimpleRockets 2 APK for Android

In general, in the games of the same simulation genre, there are very few games with detailed and realistic graphics like SimpleRockets 2. The game is carefully designed for both gameplay and graphics, helping players to have a realistic and interesting experience. It gives you a lot of knowledge about the universe, rockets, … Besides, the game also builds a community of enthusiasts to become an astronaut. You can make friends, chat and share the rocket models that you create.

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