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SichboPVR (Demo)

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View live television, record your favorite content and watch it later by relying on this application that features a wide variety of functions

What's new in SichboPVR

Fixed a problem with wishlist configurations not appearing right away in the guide and a crash when deleting. Fullscreen window restoration to a non-primary screen now works as expected. Made some scanning refinements to hopefully help with intermittent missed stations. In series options there's now a button at the bottom to 'Reset all show settings'.

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Watching television can be a great way of keeping yourself up-to-date with various worldwide events and can also prove to be entertaining on various occasions.

However, nowadays it is possible to watch your favorite TV content directly from your computer, by turning to third-party software solutions, such as SichboPVR.

Please note that running this application as intended requires you to have .NET Framework, a supported video card and a DVB-T/S/C/ATSC tuner.

Intuitive user interface

This application comes with a comprehensive, stylish user interface that provides you with numerous straightforward functions, which makes it highly accessible.

The main window packs two major categories, TV and Setup, where you can access its core features in an effortless manner. Also, regardless of the category you're currently browsing, a volume control is permanently displayed in the corner of the screen, for easy access.

Watch live TV

SichboPVR enables you to watch live television directly from your computer quickly and without effort. The Guide section under the TV category displays an overview of the channels with additional information, such as EPG data and timeshift.

You can also search for your favorite channels by accessing the dedicated tab under the same major category and typing in your desired keywords.

Record your favorite content

Furthermore, if you want to record certain sitcoms, movies or shows, you can achieve that easily, as the application provides support for that feature. More so, it also stores your saved content on your computer and makes it possible for you to sort it by date, title, series or schedule.

If needed, you can also organize your channels under lists, or create folders where you can easily move your content to, for easier management.


To wrap it up, SichboPVR is a handy application that can help you enjoy live television directly from your computer in an easy, convenient manner. You just need to provide it with required hardware components and configure it according to your needs.

Its straightforward, user-friendly interface makes it highly accessible, regardless of your PC skills.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONFor version 4 of SichboPVR, which is not free to the general public, a supporter account gives you to right to use it on up to 10 devices or PCs for as long as you remain a supporter, or in perpetuity if you become a lifetime supporter. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.NET Framework 4.0 DVB-T/S/C/ATSC tuner A half decent graphics card

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