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Shot Factor
Unlimited Money, No Ads
Android 7.1

Shot Factor MOD APK will be a game that should be on your phone to play whenever you need to relax. The idea of ​​casual is quite strange and the way to play Shot Factor can get you in the good mood within a few minutes.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Shot Factor
    1. Casual games are easy to play, everyone knows, but does it leave anything in the memory?
    2. A very special game by VOODOO
    3. Gameplay
  2. MOD APK version of Shot Factor
    1. MOD features
  3. Download Shot Factor APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Shot Factor

Use different mods to create your unique gun!

Casual games are easy to play, everyone knows, but does it leave anything in the memory?

Mobile is a fertile platform for casual games. It’s very fast, highly entertaining, just touch operation and you can even use one hand to play. But if you ask: out of thousands and millions of casual games you have played, which one leaves you an impression?

Probably not, or if yes, you just could count it on the fingers of one hand.

Usually, you will download and try the game out, after that, you will get bored, delete it from your device and download another game to try. That process will repeat again and again until you get bored and switch completely to playing a different game genre.

The main reason is that the casual games are not interesting enough and don’t leave an impression for you to want to play again. I also play a lot of casual games and mostly encounter one of these two situations all the time. But fortunately in the strong flow of the casual mobile game trend, sometimes I still catch a few games that are light, easy to play, easy to understand but very attractive and unique, like Shot Factor.

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  • Shot Factor MOD by APKMODY
  • Shot Factor APK download

A very special game by VOODOO

If you go toShot Factor game page on Google Play, you only get a pretty short description: Use different mods to create your ultimate gun! There is no other information about the story, gameplay, characters, upgrades, tips. I was a bit disappointed when I read that. But then I want to try this game to see what the game has to describe so superficially. Yeah, that’s the way I got to Shot Factor.


After playing 1-2 levels, I started to addict to this game. I gradually know why this game is so favored by many players. Do you remember the two reasons why a casual game is so bored that I just mentioned above? The shot Factor is the opposite example of that. The game is super easy to play, quite leisurely, the image is so minimalist that there is nothing to comment on. But the strange idea behind Shot Factor will make you confused, then addicted to it.

When playing Shot Factor, you will create your own gun. Does it seem like a simulation game? But not. It is exactly the minimalist casual. The gunstock model appears on a table of many squares. The upper part of the table is the tools used to mod guns. These tools are very diverse and presented in different shapes depending on the function. For example, a square marked x1 means that when you attach it to a gun, you will have a basic gun that can fire once and only once. The vertical rectangular block marked x3 will help the gun to shoot 3 rounds at a time. The round barrel with the vortex symbol will bring the gun’s ability to rotate the barrel, which means it can fire many times at once, and the direction of the aim continuously changes in a circle, allowing bullets to hit a large crowd.

After you have designed the gun you like, the battle begins. In the first perspective, you will see your cool gun appearance, and in front of you is a straight road with a certain number of enemies slowly approaching you. The task at this time is no longer related to gun making but shooting. You will have to shoot the enemies as quickly and accurately as possible and collect bonus points for yourself. The number of points will correspond to one or several new items for you to continue to mod the gun to prepare for the next scene. These correspondingly given items can be items of the same type you used or a completely new item depending on the level of accumulated points and the game scene.

This is the first time I’ve seen a gun mod game. It is something completely new, unusual, and interesting. Not to mention the combination with a lot of spectacular shooting battle scenes interspersed always gives a feeling of extreme excitement, like a kind of arena to show the ability and effectiveness of the previous gun mod process.

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