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Shortcuts for Google 24.1.0 (Freeware)

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A simple but useful browser add-on that allows you to create a menu with the Google service shortcuts that you need to access frequently

What's new in Shortcuts for Google 24.1.0:

Added many new shortcuts, including Cursive, Task Mate, Games on Play and My AdMob page. Updated shortcuts selection interface to be more user friendly. Many under the hood improvements and fixes.

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If you're a casual user of Google services, you're probably familiar with the app drawer button that lets you view a list of all the solutions that they put at your disposal and maybe would prefer a way to access them quicker.

Shortcuts for Google is an extension for Google Chrome that can provide you with quick access to the services mentioned above by simply organizing them all in a small section of your browser.

Access Google services shortcuts

As stated before, this application can help you simplify the way you reach various Google services such as the search engine, Gmail, Calendar, Translate, Drive, Keep, Maps, YouTube, News, Inbox or Google+.

After you install the extension, simply click its dedicated icon in the main window of your browser and an app drawer that contains the said shortcuts will be displayed for you.

Customize shortcuts

If you're using several other services and they're not on the list, you shouldn't give up just yet. By clicking the gear-shaped button in the app drawer interface you can access the extension's configuration menu.

Here it is possible to customize which shortcuts should be displayed in the drawer app, add custom entries or even suggest missing ones that you'd like to become available.

Simple configuration menu

Aside from letting you customize entries in the app drawer, this configuration menu also enables you to change a bunch of settings related to the general behavior of the tool.

For instance, you can set it to open shortcuts in the current website or a new tab, hide the search and launch box, don't focus newly opened tabs, hide labels and change the icon size.

Access Google services quickly from Chrome

All in all, if you'd like a quicker way to access Google services directly from your browser, maybe you should give Shortcuts for Google a try. It provides you with multiple customization options and can be easily installed.

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