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Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK is a heroism story revolving around the world of Harmonia. From time immemorial, on this brilliant and colorful planet, Humans, Undead, Orcs, Spirits, Dwarves, Beast Man, Elves, and many other races lived in peace. One day, disaster struck, darkness rose to invade all lands, turning the place into a sea of ​​fire of greed and making everything sink in suffering.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Shadow Knight Premium
    1. Gameplay
    2. Strengthening your character’s power
    3. Attractive game modes
  2. MOD APK version of Shadow Knight Premium
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Shadow Knight Premium APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Shadow Knight Premium

Immerse yourself in endless fantasy shadow battles!


You will be the Dark Hero, the world’s only hope left. Your character will do the hero’s duty: fight countless terrifying monsters, save Harmonia from destruction, and bring light back to all species.

Are you familiar with this apocalyptic scenario?

Shadow Knight Premium has almost all the situations that cause the apocalypse in many games or movies that we’ve ever known: monster, aliens, zombie, terminator.

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Shadow Knight Premium, according to the public’s opinion, is one of the action role-playing mobile games that thousands of players love. The whole game progression is the long way to save the Harmonia world of the old days. This journey has many levels, each level has many scenes in it. But it mainly revolves around the fierce battles between the Knights and the monsters of darkness.

When playing Shadow Knight Premium, it must say that slashing is very exciting. The Dark Knight character capital has been equipped with enough skills: run, jump, climb like a real ninja in many different scenes. Then through the battle rounds, they will also get many types of equipment: weapons, superior skills, especially different pieces of equipment to strengthen the power.

Whether the game experience is good or not depends on how the control layout is arranged. With the easy and reasonable operation, you can fully focus on the screen, grasp the situation and fight the monsters. Shadow Knight Premium does this very well. Controlling the character in the game is quite simple. The horizontal screen is divided into two, on the left is the cluster of movement directions, and on the right is the buttons for skills.

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Contrasting with that simple operation, Shadow Knight Premium’s battle screens are very eye-catching. On the mostly dark background, combining moves and attack skills, you will create a series of magical combos. The light radiates through the path of the skill when dozens of enemies around fall down. No matter you win that battle or not, just seeing these skills is very exciting.

Strengthening your character’s power

Your character in the process of playing needs to always be enhanced, upgraded to become stronger, able to withstand a bunch of increasingly fierce monsters.

But to get started, you need to choose the right class for you. Shadow Knight Premium has 4 classes corresponding to different weapons, skills, and powers:

  • Noah: the main weapon is the sword, and has a strong melee ability with high damage.
  • Ashley: specializes in guns with the ability to attack from a distance with very high accuracy.
  • Hector: a muscly warrior, only using hands to fight, but the ability to cause great damage.
  • Lucius: an assassin with the ability to assassinate with countless sharp blades.

By defeating monsters, you will collect soul pieces and upgrade your character. Depending on the class chosen from the beginning, the Shadow Warrior will have its own upgrade path to further improve its specialized skills. And commensurate with each level, the skillset also changes accordingly. Combat combos will be more and more blazing, powerful, and prolific.

Shadow Knight Premium for Android 1440x810

In each match, players will be brought two characters to flexibly switch with many different enemies. Each character, in addition to level-based skills, also acquires much special equipment through passing scenes or hunting for treasure chests such as armor, shoes, belts, hats… All equipment in Shadow Knight Premium is divided into 6 categories: Normal, Rare, Premium, Unique, Legendary, and Ultimate. In particular, the equipment itself is also getting stronger when loaded with enhancement stones or when you combine several rarely used equipment, it can also create a new, more powerful item.

Attractive game modes

Shadow Knight Premium offers for players 3 game modes: Story, Passage, and Survival.

  • Story mode: follow the progression of events arranged in the game, there are many levels to play and many small scenes to overcome to save the world.
  • Passage mode: There will be challenges with three difficulty levels. Passing the stage will be the place where you collect gold resources, enhancement stones, and many necessary materials to equip your character before switching to other modes.
  • Survival Mode: Many battles are divided into several turns, with increasing difficulty. Each turn the opponent will be countless monsters, increasingly crowded. This is the place for you to accumulate points, collect rewards for your character and put your name on the prestigious rankings.

The battle in the free version called Shadow Knight is also very fierce.

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