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Search by Image for Opera 4.0.1 (GPLv3)

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Perform reverse image searches across the Internet and using a wide range of search engines with the help of this nifty Opera extension

Ever wanted to search for a specific picture on the Internet only to discover that Google’s image search feature is not perfectly suited for the job at hand? If the answer is yes, and if you happen to be an Opera user, then you might be interested in what Search by Image has to offer.

Search by Image is a cross-browser extension (also available for Firefox), that allows you to perform reverse image searches across the Internet with the least amount of effort. What’s most impressive about the extension is just how easy it is to use.

General facts about the extension

You can perform image searches directly from Opera’s right-click contextual menu, or the browser’s toolbar (where the extension resides). Another great aspect of this tool is the fact that it comes with support for more than 30 search engines such as Google Images, Bing Images, Yandex.Images, Baidu Image Search, Sogou Images, and so forth.

The searches in question can be performed by a singular search engine, or you can enable all at once directly from the top-level context menu. Search by Image can detect most images on a web page, including those declared in CSS.

Boasts various search modes

There are various search modes as well. For example, you can use the “Select” function that works both from the context menu and the toolbar. It involves you having to select an image on the page, then the extension will automatically bring up the search results using the selected search engine.

The “Select & Upload” method involves you having to select an image on the page, as the extension fetches the image and uploads it. The “Capture” option is also quite useful, as it allows you to select and capture a page area (with pictures included), and then upload it. Interestingly enough, you can also upload images from your computer, or paste them directly from the clipboard and let the extension perform the search.


To conclude, Search by Image for Opera is offers you what may just be the easiest way of performing reverse image searches on the Internet right now. It’s easy to use, very unobtrusive, and it packs a lot more features that usually meet the eye at first glance.

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