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Seafile Drive Client 1.0.12 / 2.0.18 (Freemium)

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Seamlessly access files on your SeaFile or similar server without syncing to your local disk via this simple app that acts like a virtual drive

If you are using Seafile cloud services, then there is a chance that you want to have more control over how the files you are sharing are handled by other users. Seafile Drive Client is a tool that permits you to manage the exact data that should be synchronized as well as block users from making modifications to the files in the cloud.

Make sure you run it from a user profile with Administrator rights

First off, you need to have Seafile installed on your computer and make sure that you run the utility from a user account with Administrator privileges. While you can open the app without the aforementioned prerequisites, you should bear in mind that you are not going to be able to copy, move or delete files from the virtual drive created.

During the installation, you need to specify a few details, namely the preferred letter for the newly created drive and enter the server name and credentials to log in. Following these steps, you should be able to perform the desired file management operations.

Supports partially synced content and file lock

The highlight of the application stems from the fact that you have utter control over the synchronization and management processes. Therefore, you can enable the temporary synchronization for the LibreOffice or MS Office documents, specify the download and upload limits or change the drive letter in case it interferes with your current settings.

It is worth mentioning that the app does not support encrypted libraries and that the file locking feature is not yet implemented. At the same time, you are not alerted when moving files from one library to another. Then again, let us not forget that the app is still in Beta and that these issues are going to be addressed or added in the future.

A handy utility that gives you extra control over the file sharing and synchronizing

All in all, Seafile Drive Client is an easy-to-use program that acts as a network drive and that permits you to make partial synchronization operations as well as share the files in a read-only format.

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