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Scribble Rider Mod APK 1.940 (Unlimited coins)

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Phil Castillo - 11/12/2021

Download Scribble Rider Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Draw the shape of your wheels to pass each obstacle course to your goal.

Play a fun and interactive racing game, where you control the shape of your wheels. Try your best to control how you ride through various obstacles and claim first place. Download Scribble Rider for Android mobile devices now.

How to Play Scribble Rider

Playing the Scribble Rider game is fairly easy to understand. Simply, you will need to pass each obstacle course and reach the goal before your opponent. However, there is one catch – you’ll need to draw your own set of wheels.


That’s correct – each course is designed to give you problems and hinder your ability to drive. Thus, you’ll need to create some odd tires and designs in order to progress.

The obstacles are not only limited to the land either. These tracks will have your racer take on the ocean surface as well. Regular circular wheels won’t be of any use in this situation. Thus, you’ll need to create some unorthodox shapes and patterns to swiftly navigate your obstacles.

First, you’ll start on your own to learn the controls and basics. Then, you’re off the play the game with all of its challenges.

Finally, you’ll be put against an opponent who will also need to adjust to the race tracks. They just might know a little more than you, when it comes to the right designs for their tires.

Winning will earn you some coins. These coins can be used for more skins and vehicles to utilize in your races. So, make sure to aim for the best and always hit the goal before your competition does.


Do you think you can handle the pressure and achieve first place every time? Then, go ahead and download Scribble Rider for Android now.


The game also controls very simple. In fact, one finger is all you’ll need to play the game. There is only one basic control that you must perform. That is, tapping holding, and drawing the pattern you wish to use.

Once the pattern is drawn, the race will begin. Your wheels take the exact form of whatever you have drawn. So, make sure to start with something good and effective for the beginning of the race.


If you ever find yourself behind or stuck in the middle of the race, that’s okay. You can switch your design at any time during your run. All you need to do is draw another pattern and you’ll switch in an instant. It’s that simple.


Scribble Rider is displayed in 3D. The graphics are quite simple for the game. Everything is in a low poly style for simplicity and diversity.

Since the game isn’t too detailed or exploding with graphics, players can just focus on the gameplay aspect. Also, this makes Scribble Rider accessible to players of all ages. The simplicity works in favor of all ages and demographics. Anyone can pick up and play the game without prejudice.


The animations are also pretty smooth. Every actions transitions perfectly and naturally. Switching your wheels is also done in a flash!

Scribble Rider Mod APK Free Download

You can also download the Scribble Rider Mod APK latest version if you want a few small additions to your gameplay. As for all APK files, you can save time and data due to the file size. But, that’s not all – with the modified version you can also have:

  • Unlimited coins

This way, you can play the game without having to grind for coins. Just pick your favorite skin and get right to the action.

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